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Clayton Homes in Opelika Alabama

Company Clayton Homes
Product / Service Mobile Home
Location Columbus, Georgia
Category Home Construction and Repair
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I am so amazed at all the complaints, about everywhere!Not just Clayon Homes but Sears, walmart, best buy, forever 21, etc.....

I came on here to say I have had the best experience ever with Clayton Homes in Opelika, Alabama. And no i am NOT an employee, relative of, or anything like that. My husband and I have just purchased a new home with them. I couldn't be happier, with the people who have been there alll the way with us, they had their hands full with me too.

I had changed my mind several times. We were offered a more expensive version of the master bath, which I accepted (at no extra charge), well after closing and the home's arrival to the Sale Lot, I decided I didn't like it! Yep, I didn't like it..now they had no obligation to me at this point to do anythiing for me. I didn't expect what they did for me...they built me a whole other new home, and chose to sell the one i didn't want off the lot.

Because they want happy customers. They go above and beyond for their customers. All the way from our sales rep, and his partner, to the lawyer, to all the workers, brick masons, deck people, all of them were wonderful. Our home is perfect.

People are so quick to complain even before giving those the chance to make something right, it ruins reputations, I'm just grateful I didn't read all these complaints first. You have no idea how powerful these reviews are, they can really screw up ones livelyhood.

Please think long and hard before posting awful things, like are the people so bad?, did they not try their best?, could the wrongs be fixed and made right easily?I hope that every person we had the pleasure of dealing with, is never affected by this site full of terrible reviews. 2e904a3

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Aug 19, 2013 
I'm going to make myself VERY clear! Clayton Homes of Opelika, Al are the worst home sellers I have EVER seen! I would NOT recommend Clayton Homes of Opelika, Al to NO ONE!! It all started back in 2008, when my husband and I bought a home from Clayton Homes in Opelika, Al, we were so exited being our first home together, on land we just bought. We have had problems from day (1) one!! Our ceiling cracking, them having to come out 5 or 6 times to fix it, still not fixed, our blocks around the home are so s..... crappy! But the worst part about it all is, not even being in your home a month and your husband decides to take a shower, steps in, and goes right through the floor of the shower. What a load of JUNK!! We call them about the problem, and they say they cant fix it. If I could save one family, just ONE from making the worst decision of there life, I will post this over and over again! NO BODY deserves to be treated this way! I hope everyone reads this, and thinks twice about buying a home from Clayton Homes in Opelika, Al. I have been in my home for 5 years now it's the year 2013, and not have been happy from day 1, and don't think I ever will be! All I can say is DO NOT BUY A HOME FROM CLAYTON HOMES IN Opelika, Al!!! 1 to 10 I give a big FAT 0!!!!!!!!! That's my story, and I'm sticking to it. THESE PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW HOW US CUSTOMERS FEEL, RATHER THEY CARE OR NOT!!!! They can't keep ripping people off like this! And I'm NOT afraid to call y'all homes a peice of... Show more
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Jul 11, 2013  from Kingsland, Texas
I thought that I was happy in the beginning, too, even though I had to go to the actual plant in Waco to get the two tank tops for my toilets, a "chandelier" that wasn't there, a ceiling fan that wasn't there, and some other things that "weren't there". I had to pull about 50 staples from the carpet between the living room and dining area because we kept stepping on them because they were sticking up. A kitchen roll-out shelf broke immediately. The electic switches are all separate...instead of having a double or triple switch, they have two or three separate ones. Looks so ***. My back door began leaking long ago, along with the windows...and I have storm windows. Now, 11 years later and after some very minor hail damage, I find that the shingles are about as thick as cardboard (maybe 1/8" and are stapled on. I had a metal roof installed last month and the worker told me that I needed shingles about 5 years ago. The home is only 11 years old! No doubt in my mind, I'm sure that I needed better shingles from Day One. When the siding at the very top pulled out a bit because of the wind and got some water leakage, I found that the outer walls are nothing but 1/8" (MAYBE that thick)WAFER fiberboard that just brushed away like rotten leaves to expose the insulation (I didn't measure that to see how thick it was). I will NEVER recommend a Clayton home to anyone!! They are pieces of junk!!!!
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Jan 09, 2013  from Dayton, Tennessee
The only thing I'll make you aware of is I use to haul Kinro windows to the plants up in northeast TN. They allow their employees to buy one home a year at cost. Grant it was 2003 but one guy bought a doublewide just like my new one. He paid $17,000 and I bought mine supposingly at a discount for $38,000. With everything else I paid $50,000. So you see from the factory there is a huge mark up. Then when they finance with their ridiculous rates you pay $150,000 for a $17,000 home. They can afford to give you a few extra's and smiles all the way to the bank.
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Dec 13, 2012  from Asheville, North Carolina
glad i read this
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