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Lies and run arounds 7 months of stress and broken promises, 2 Stores Denver in which manager was fired, Then same treatment with Evans Colorado store, We have officially stopped all prospect of going any further with Clayton as they are horrible to get the truth from or any accurate truthful information, 4 people I personally know have decided not to begin a possible home build with Clayton because of not only our treatment but their treatment as well just starting to ask questions. How long does it take to Construction close on a new build evidently over 7 months, That is where we said no more.

Monetary Loss: $252000.

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Look at your contract, it has an estimated completion date on it. (atleast it should) but that doesn't mean anything, If they haven't completed much of anything by the estimated completion date, I would see that as broken contract.

Good luck, they are all scammers and do not care!

Denver, Colorado, United States #835711

What was the manager fired for? Did it have to do with your issues?

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