We purchased a home from Clayton Homes in Greensboro, NC in June of 2005. They did nothing but play cat and mouse with us and our home has never been finished to this day.

I need a lawyer that will take them to court for what they have done to me and my wife.

Our "dream home" is now the "nightmare on blah blah road".

I would like to turn the table and make it the "nightmare on blah blah road" FOR Clayton.

My wife has almost packed her stuff and left me because of the nightmare Clayton Homes has caused down here.

Location: Liberty, North Carolina

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We are in Colorado and going through the same thing. They keep blaming the county but my husband works for the county so we know they are lying. What a crap company!!!


Don't Clayton Williams homes depreciate?


I have a lawyer that will take care of the matter if I had the money...but right now I do not have the money.

Researchgirl....I have a 4 page punch list. A punch list is the items that are of concern about the finished product and has nothing to do with the warranty of the house.

I was told by the salesman that if I make a punch list of issues with my house they will be fixed...this is part of the building agreement and has nothing to do with "warranty". My contract agreement says "complete home". I made a 4 page list of everything from doors that are not square to 3 color ceilings with the finish cracking off of them to the wavy ceilings. As well the front door had been replaced.

The guy came down here and replaced the front door then drilled *** in it for the knocker/peephole and drilled the hole in the wrong place.

He did not put the hardware on the screen door (which is hung crooked) and the wind blows the screen door open and since there is no chain to stop it(there is no chain on the back door either), it ruined the hydraulic door closer. My house looks like it was built by a bunch of kinder gardeners.....I would have done better moving in to the ghetto in a Habitat for Humanity house


did you ever find a lawyer to represent you ? we are having leaking problems in almost every room in our house.


is clayton as good as they say they are? i dont want to go in debt for a home i cant live in and be happy. does anyone have anything good to say about them?


Can you please elaborate on what problems you encountered exactly?


the cell number is wrong...it is 336-442-**** not 2


please buy elsewhere


If there is a lawyer that can help me with this case feel free to contact me at 336-442-**** cell


disregard the comments on the door company This was places in thye wrong area. The door company is fine and we are sorry for the comment ment for clayton


That's funny %&*@. I'm a lawyer, don't post here or else.

Shut up. :grin


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"Get a Life" When your on top there is always someont trying to bring you down. Of course you losers wouldn't know that cause you on the bottom looking up!

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