Debating whether to buy from them as I saw complaints from mostly the South and Washington, but I have yet to see one from Oregon. I really hope they are better.

I was told that they use 2x6's instead of 2x4's @16" on center which seems to be the industry standard and plywood for the subfloor. They use a gorilla glue type on the floors I think he said. The shingles are supposed to be power nailed instead of using staples. Is any of this true now?

I have to go almost 150 miles to get back to their show lot so I really need to know if it's worth it in Oregon. Thank you!

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Please stay away, I thought all the negative stories I read before were one off issues or far fetched. I'm having issues beyond belief, you'd think I'm making it up if I told you all my problems


Canton, Georgia, United States #801029

Stay away

Kingsport, Tennessee, United States #714913

man buy you a real home stay away from clayton homes cant you see how people feel after going to that place stay away

Portland, Oregon, United States #688834

Yes, it is all true about the Clayton homes in Albany, OR. We bought a home from them and Robert helped us.

We were very happy about the service we received. It is best to drop in and look at their models on site.

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