I purchased a custom ordered home from Clayton homes.I was not allowed to see the home before it was moved to my lot.

When I walked into the home there was huge crack the entire width of the home. I was told it happened on the from the factory which I knew was bull. I found out from my neighbors that the delivery company dropped the home on its side when they were moving it. This has cused all kinds of problems that I have spent the last 3 years trying to fix.

Not to mention the quality of the home sucks.

I also had financing available at 8.9% interest and informed clayton of this when I ordered the home.I was then told that they would not accept this and had to use their fianance company at 19.9% interest.

If you want to help file a class action lawsuit please contact me at krum1@live.com

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My electrical is wired incorrectly through at least half of my home.Breakers are wrong as well as plugs for appliances.

Looking to see what can be done legally.It almost caused a dryer fire!


Can you be part of a law suit if you bought the piece junk used and no said anything about problems the trailer is a 2003 I have owned since 2015


In my case I bought my Mobil home used was not told by the previous owner about any problems leaks are the problem some of the windows water running down my kitchen wall mold and that's the start of it there is more.so now what can I do.


Would like to join lawsuit. Contact me at turnerlifecoaching@gmail.com


would love to join class action suit samjv51@aol.com


Would like to join class action lawsuit Woneil1177@gmail.com


We just bought a home from clayton homes haven't moved in yet r kitchen floor is buckled n sinks leak n we have no loaner stairs we were promised n then r fridge is busted n dented n was told its 500.00 to claim the fridge when we haven't used it or moved into this house yet roofs leaking n peeling as well


We are watching Clayton Homes try to steamroll the Retirement Parks on Colorado to bring new units in.DOES ANYONE KNOW IF YOUR STATES HAVE A MOBILE OR MODULAR HOME PARK ACT.

Ours is Under TITLE 38 of Colorado Law. My contact info is ChanLr1995@gmail.com.

I am very interested it siding with you folks.There is MUCH MORE to this scenario in CO.


I would like ANYONE against Clayton homes to contact me ASAP.

to Chan #1413646

Please contact me.I purchased my home in May 2017.

A month ago I found out they never connected the sink and dishwater pipe to the main septic line. Grey water leached out for 6 months under my home. Water damage. Stinks.


So much more too.Help



Can I be in lawsuit had my home since 2014 an they wired house wrong breaker blew won't reset for outlets in kitchen the plug in outside arked out side today when plugging something in


I purchased my home from Clayton in 2004.They broke one of my windows.

I called them and they ordered the new window and brought it out. While putting it in they broke the new window. Called for 3 weeks and they kept telling me they were waiting for it to come in. I called again a week later and they said my warranty expired that day.

I advised them this issue was going on before the warranty expired. The refused to replace it.

I would love to be in a class action lawsuit against them.They’re a horrible company.

to AW #1413643

I purchased my home in May 2017.What a lemon!

I need help.


I still have work being done to fix problems.

to NORENE Rogers #1419580

I brought a 2018 n its not getting anything done floors. Roof n sinks n showers


Found out my home only has 1/2 inch foam on top of the 2x4's, then siding placed on top of it. Told them I reviewed the production videos and it clearly shows osb wood and house wrap then the siding....NOW they tell me it's an option if you want wood. I don't see house this house can possibly hold up with only Styrofoam on the outside walls.

I also would love to be in a class action lawsuit.

My contact : Lingpup@aol.com

to Anonymous #1413642

I purchased my home in May 2017.What a lemon.

Still having work fixed.Help!


Please include me in your lawsuit you email me at sharonbsn28465@yahoo.com


Would also like to join the lawsuit.





I worked at Clayton Homes the real janky I seen them build the frame for the floor it cracked in half and then staple it back together they pay their employees minimum wage and nobody there speaks English it's at the Perris location in California it only cost them 11 to 13,000 to make the house

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