I purchased a custom ordered home from Clayton homes. I was not allowed to see the home before it was moved to my lot.

When I walked into the home there was huge crack the entire width of the home. I was told it happened on the from the factory which I knew was bull. I found out from my neighbors that the delivery company dropped the home on its side when they were moving it. This has cused all kinds of problems that I have spent the last 3 years trying to fix.

Not to mention the quality of the home sucks.

I also had financing available at 8.9% interest and informed clayton of this when I ordered the home. I was then told that they would not accept this and had to use their fianance company at 19.9% interest.

If you want to help file a class action lawsuit please contact me at krum1@live.com

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Please let me know if anyone gets one going, we will join in a heartbeat! brandichandler581@gmail.com


My home is also 3 years old an it's so bad uneven ceilings r cracking roof is leaking pipes r coming apart my cabinet r peeling I've got mildew around bath vents plumbing is backing up cause house uneven it's horrible windows r coming loose an I paid cash for house it's crazy how there still in business


I need to be in a Class Action Lawsuit also. I purchased a 2012 and it is def a piece of junk.

The first few years we had them out numerous times!

Please email me ar bstaylor56@yahoo.com with any info on a lawsuit. I am in NC.


Got same issues with Clayton quality, there is no quality. Too many issues to list.

I am also looking to sue Clayton. To contact me, check out 'Clayton POS' on Craigslist Seattle


Your email address isn't working, but I am with join and help file a class action lawsuit against Clayton homes.b vnhiscare@gmail.com

to poedconsumer #1564403

How can I get in to the calss action lawsuit against Clayton homes. I'm going to have to send my house back it's gentle skin falling apart could never get any of them to fix anything very cheap made for $85,000 contact me at taborhb@hotmail.com


WE want in too. We have the same problem with Breeze 2 , added roof leak issues, cracks in the ceiling.

A/c ducts had 90 degre angle faulty craftmanship. They punctured the water line when they built iit. Shady repairs that had left floor in bathroom un even and just had flood in bathroom. Plumber sid was becausee of the wobling toilet their guy rest !

It s all is documented.

Pls ctc me. Alexbrown0739@gmail.com 3055465069


If anyone can help me , I would like to be part of a class action law suit, bought a 2013 Marlette from Clayton homes bloomsburg, Pa, house is a nightmare, from the house itself to the setup. They never put vents in the roof, had to be fixed.

My roof is now leaking!!!!

They never even put a filter on my furnace. They have been out so many times since I bought the house, way too many problems to list, smaley12@hotmail.com


My mother in law purchased a new home from Clayton and it is junk they have sent out multiple people to do repairs and the list of defects keeps getting longer & longer.


would like to get in the class action lawsuit please contact me at taborhb@hotmail.com my home we have had nothing but problems I purchased my home in oct 13 2016 Breeze II paid a big down payment to .also like to class action lawsuit. We have to do something this home is falling aport.carpet was nasty floors popping when you walk across them master bathtub lines busted would never fix anything they waited till the warranty ran out .home made very cheap with plastic faucetes i could go on and on this home is not worth the money .will never buy another home like this again I wont out of this home

to taborhb #1560312

WE have the same problem with Breeze 2 , added roof issues, falty craftmanship. They punctured the water line when they built it for example and many mire things.

I would love to be part of it too all is documented.

If they reached or u Pls ctc me. Alexbrown0739@gmail.com


I would like in the classification lawsuit as well. I purchased a home February 2009 and have had nothing but problems.

Still to this day having problems with my roof. This home was not put together properly and they have never wanted to help fix anything.

to Kelly #1539123

Dashfornugget@yahoo.com 318-290-7868


I have a double wide thatvwas purchased and built in 2014 and it has been nothing but problems. Molding warping and coming off the walls, black mold like stuff around the crown molding, cracked ceiling and just *** craftsmanship throughout.

We would like to do something about it but don’t know what can be done. Email is hytekrednek86@gmail.com


I purchased my home in oct 2017. What a lemon cheep cheep everything is falling apart on the Breeze II paid a big down payment to .also like to class action lawsuit. We have to do something


We bought our home a year and a half ago. This modular home has been nothing but trouble.

Doors and windows leaking, carpet ruined, trim and walls warped and water marked, ac unit failed. The list goes on.

If anyone can give us some insite on what to do that would be great. mattguyshannon@me.com


I'd liek in on the class action. I bought my house in December it was set up in Feb March and it is full of half *** cratsmanship.

The floor is bubbled up in every room and the atrium door leaks when it rains. snake.eater523@gmail.com


My name is Bill Willoughby Wheels 60-acre Farm in Scott County Kentucky my father-in-law purchased $172,000 super 68 modular home from Clayton Homes in Richmond Kentucky we were told it would be delivered and set up within a month it's going on three months now the trailer is exposed to the weather I had to do all the work as far as putting in the Footers water lines all that was told would be done nobody will call us back my phone law has dementia and we're thinking about filing a lawsuit and contacting the Attorney General's office

to SweetStarfish #1545584

Please add us! Purchased fro Louisville and nothing but *** work and tore up more than fixed.

Promised check to hire local and refuse now to pay and wants us to sign settlement letter. 900 for over 5000.00 worth of unfinished work!!!!!!


We would like to be apart of this lawsuit. We are In Texas and have had our home for 5 years and it is falling apart. Clintinwinwood@gmail.com

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