I purchased a custom ordered home from Clayton homes. I was not allowed to see the home before it was moved to my lot.

When I walked into the home there was huge crack the entire width of the home. I was told it happened on the from the factory which I knew was bull. I found out from my neighbors that the delivery company dropped the home on its side when they were moving it. This has cused all kinds of problems that I have spent the last 3 years trying to fix.

Not to mention the quality of the home sucks.

I also had financing available at 8.9% interest and informed clayton of this when I ordered the home. I was then told that they would not accept this and had to use their fianance company at 19.9% interest.

If you want to help file a class action lawsuit please contact me at krum1@live.com

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I'm looking to file a class action lawsuit against Clayton Homes contact me n.marshall266@gmail.com or 757-535-2784 my name is Mary H.


Has anyone actually talked to original poster? Is there a lawsuit?


Is there anything going on with this lawsuit? My husband and just got a 'brand new' doublewide from Timberline Home (the house was manufactured by Clayton Home building group as a Tru Home) the week of Thanksgiving 2017. It's now June 2018 and the entire place is falling to pieces.


My daughters manufactured home from Clayton leaked water terribly after a hurricane and the new home was so cheaply constructed that the water seeped throughout the walls causing them to crumble away. The ceiling collapsed.

Clayton owns the insurance company and they underwrote the damages and gave her $1,400. Finances through Vanderbilt. Also owned by Clayton. So she let them repossess the piece of cardboard house because $1,400 was not going to repair it.

Total lost. A 2007 model.

Bought brand new. Lasted only two years.


Is this lawsuit still active against CMH? I would like to join or at least have any information on what can be done. Thank you!817-219-5574 Judy


I would like to join the class action law suit this company has ripped a lot of people off


My name is Thomas Norwood from Milton Delaware I purchased a home from Clayton Homes/Oakwood Homes millsboro delaware in 2016 have issues from the start and still haven't been resolved paid 57 thousand cash for home and they won't even answer my calls 302-542-4272 contact info


I'm currently in a legal dispute with Clayton HomesAll I can say at this point .


Yes I would love a class action suit agianest them our 2014 is falling apart


Very interested in joining the class action lawsuit. More info would be greatly appreciated.

We purchased a home from Clayton in 2012 we still owe more than what the purchase price was for the home even with 10,000 down payment. Have had nothing but problems since we got it.

Electrical issues, Central air issues, heating issues, cabinet issues, Would love to know if there is anything we can do about it. If any info is available send it to leeann_jones1@aol.com

to LeeAnn Brent Jones #1496055

I bought an Indy house from Atchafalaya which has become a dealer of Clayton homes since. Indy house is no longer in business.

They financed me with 21st mortgage. I also put $10,000 down and I will pay $100,000 for a $45,000 with $10,000 down. It’s like a lifetime to pay this out. A $35,000 car only takes 6 years to pay out.

Even at high interest. How are they keeping us paying a trailer for 20 years?


Man I hate I missed seeing this ... the center we bought from the manager threatened us.


Caseylong@gmail.com they say they record the conversation in the meetings they lied about structure of my home when I asked about materials they used.


We have had nothing but issues sense we got ours in December. They do nothing they say either


I would like to join too please!


Hi, I would also like to class action lawsuit. nmvirag@gmail.com


Interested in joining class action lawsuit as well. We’ve had nothing but issues!

We’ve been paying on this house for 2 years and STILL owe more now than when we first bought it and that was with $10,000 down!!! Bathroom faucet doesn’t work and can’t find a replacement that’s comparable! So much more wrong due to shotty work and predatory lending. We were desperate and essentially homeless when our original home loan fell through due to paperwork issues while we were making a cross country move after my husband was retired from the medically Marine Corps.

We were left with no home with 4 kids and 2 dogs in a hotel room and two vehicles loaded down with all personal possessions. Clayton preyed in our desperation and like idiots we walked right into it.Please add me to the classaction lawsuit monica.freeman0302@gmail.com


My electrical is wired incorrectly through at least half of my home. Breakers are wrong as well as plugs for appliances.

Looking to see what can be done legally. It almost caused a dryer fire!


Can you be part of a law suit if you bought the piece junk used and no said anything about problems the trailer is a 2003 I have owned since 2015


In my case I bought my Mobil home used was not told by the previous owner about any problems leaks are the problem some of the windows water running down my kitchen wall mold and that's the start of it there is more.so now what can I do.

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