Among other things many other things for 4 years are AC unit has not been working properly. Every summer a tech is out here at least twice because the a coil freezes to a block of ice.

Well upon changing furniture around in my youngest son's room who's not even 2, I found mildew in the corner where the wall backs up to the AC. I contacted the general manager she came out looked at it took pictures never got back to me never took care of it and is now out of town for 10 days.

I want a full refund Plus compensation for mental anguish in the possible health issues my children might be facing. I would like people to get together and file a class action lawsuit against them

Product or Service Mentioned: Clayton Homes House Construction.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: 11281 Jefferson Ave, Newport News, VA 23601, USA

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To much to write for me we Bought in dec 2019 just moved in july 15th. Soo many problems.

And them not telling us issues on their lot once home was done.

We never would have had them bring it to us had they told us what happened .you would think we bought a 30 year old house. What a nightmare


How do I add claims on it? I also have had mold problems, AC issues, my walls are cracking and bowed out


I’m never recommending Clayton to anyone. They came to make the marriage line level and messed up my roof and are trying to say a storm done it.

I’m looking into a lawyer. It’s been one nightmare after another and I have only been in my home one year


I bought a modular from Clayton in Bedford va. I have had nothing but trouble.

I have only been it one year and it looks like the roof is separating. You can see outside looking up through my attic


Yes I too have been a victim of Clayton homes specifically the Denison Tx office. Lies, inferior construction.

Lots more issues from the date I signed contract in August 2019 - home wasn’t ready till 3/2020 and that is a joke. Help please


Hi Onix, Clayton Homes sincerely appreciates you sharing this feedback regarding your experience. Please email us at CAT@ClaytonHomes.com with your name and phone number, as well as location of purchase and serial number for the home (located on the data plate that is usually found under the kitchen sink). We look forward to hearing from you.


I need help with this issues also pleae


I would love to be included too! We moved into our home in Sept.

2019 after buying it from Clayton in Conover NC.

We've had nothing but issues after issue! Including them wiring our stove wrong and about having a house fire, a major leak in our bedroom, our back siding door has one pane of glad that shattered and they're blaming US for it!!!


My family and self are as well victims of Clayton Homes scams , lies , extremely bad product homes and how they're Govt approved and stamp , still confuses the *** out of me ! It's just unreal of how they can conduct business and get away with it .

But fortunately, I've saved all my rough estimates and the three changed contracts that they threw upon me , I recorded conversations of they're promises and many other things they committed on me . It's a total joke on me and a complete nightmare for my family . So being said , when we can get a law firm with some balls and stand up to Clayton Homes and they're multi-billionar Mr Warren Buffett....our hands are tied . Hard to fight a man with such wealth and power and not to mention that Mr Buffett has family members , associate's and friends on the House of Representatives board .

So , I guess we'll just have to wait until a firm will take the case . I also want to pass on a little info to you guys about the quality of these homes and maybe you'll understand why the quality situation. Did you guys know on one given work day , the one manufacturer in Tennessee can spit out ten ( yes 10) Double Wide Homes ??? I've done a tremendous amount of research on this company and they're so called affiates , and the findings were remarkable to believe .

It's like a Monopoly taking place and isn't to far from it !

But I'd love to join a civil suit as well , so keep me posted on if anyone will take a civil case upon them . Sincery , Victim of Clayton Homes scams and Rip Offs ...Ricky Lester lesterricky@***.com 678-901-****


if there is a civil suit i would be in as well.


I agree; we live in Maryland and our home has been and is a nightmare. If you hear of a class action suit we will be a part of it.

We have pictures and emails of trying to work with these people. We also have mildew and mold among many other problems


Hi my name is cindy, Are you still having problems? I live in Selbyville Delaware and purchased my home from clayton and eagle river is the manufacturer.

I am in a bad nightmare. i have been in my home 11 months. and have had problems from the very beginning..

Please email me. cynthialynne400@***.com


i fought claton homes for ten years about roof leaks.i had a engineer give me a report and sent it to claton they replaced the hole roof including some plywood.this has to do with the hinge type roof system.leaks come from hinge gap.i have pics you can compare to your roof . email if you have a hinge roof with leaks maybe i can help you from the aggravation i went thru. anppmeck@***.com


Mine is a 2019 and already has black mold, I have doors that never shut, two buckets under my kitchen sink, windows all leak hot and cold air among many many other issues. This house has ruined my life!!!


We are in the same boat, there contract is written so you can't go after them I can't understand that being legal


I was also curious about how a class action lawsuit is started... I think there is morrrre than enough ground to do it....


I too am curious and more than ready to try and sue. We have been waiting for them to get it set up since October 2019.

They only tell lie afterlife and we get no where with them. I regret going to Clayton 100%.


I wish I could post pictures of the nightmare we have been dealing with since last fall going with Clayton homes was the biggest mistake of my life


Seriously would love to be involved with any class action. So many lies, non repairs, leaks, electrical issues...purchased from TruValue, in Alexandria Alabama


I would also like to be included in the suit. My mother purchased "The Boss" 15 years ago, and from the beginning the contracters knocked a whole in our bathroom wall and attempted to cover it with a rubber door stopper.

They also asssured my mother she would have wood cabinets, but they're not wood they only have the laminate sheet that looks like wood on them. The windows are now leaking. They really got over on a struggling single mother!

The wind literally caused *** in the roof and a friend of mine whose grandmother has the same house experienced her roof fall in, in the same exact room that wind damaged hers. This type of shoddy business and customer service is inexcusable!

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