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Among other things many other things for 4 years are AC unit has not been working properly. Every summer a tech is out here at least twice because the a coil freezes to a block of ice.

Well upon changing furniture around in my youngest son's room who's not even 2, I found mildew in the corner where the wall backs up to the AC. I contacted the general manager she came out looked at it took pictures never got back to me never took care of it and is now out of town for 10 days.

I want a full refund Plus compensation for mental anguish in the possible health issues my children might be facing. I would like people to get together and file a class action lawsuit against them

Product or Service Mentioned: Clayton Homes House Construction.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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i fought claton homes for ten years about roof leaks.i had a engineer give me a report and sent it to claton they replaced the hole roof including some plywood.this has to do with the hinge type roof system.leaks come from hinge gap.i have pics you can compare to your roof . email if you have a hinge roof with leaks maybe i can help you from the aggravation i went thru. anppmeck@gmail.com


Mine is a 2019 and already has black mold, I have doors that never shut, two buckets under my kitchen sink, windows all leak hot and cold air among many many other issues. This house has ruined my life!!!


I was also curious about how a class action lawsuit is started... I think there is morrrre than enough ground to do it....


Seriously would love to be involved with any class action. So many lies, non repairs, leaks, electrical issues...purchased from TruValue, in Alexandria Alabama


I would also like to be included in the suit. My mother purchased "The Boss" 15 years ago, and from the beginning the contracters knocked a whole in our bathroom wall and attempted to cover it with a rubber door stopper.

They also asssured my mother she would have wood cabinets, but they're not wood they only have the laminate sheet that looks like wood on them. The windows are now leaking. They really got over on a struggling single mother!

The wind literally caused *** in the roof and a friend of mine whose grandmother has the same house experienced her roof fall in, in the same exact room that wind damaged hers. This type of shoddy business and customer service is inexcusable!


If everyone would call state fire marshal of the state you live in they get houses fixed.I was contractor for twenty-five years but for Fleetwood.


Call state fire marshal of that state which u live in they get everybody's house fixed.


Is there an active law suite? I'm from Johnson City TN bought from Johnson City as well and we have only had our home for five months.

And it's still not fixed. Windows are not leveled the floor isnt leveled.

And now that it's starting to settle. There is a piece of wood coming through my bedroom wall.


We live in Bristol, VA & are in a current lawsuit with Clayton! With through mediation which was a bust!

Head to arbitration either this month or next month!

Have over $60,000 damage to our home. Feel free to contact me 423-782-9892.


We would also be interested in a lawsuit. We bought the Nashville.

The biggest and best they had. They have ghosted us since delivery. They will not return phone calls and will schedule 2 days of work here and there. Their own contractors have said it’s one month solid of work.

Our windows are leaking and so much looks horrible. There are so many major issues that need dealt with and can’t even get a return call.

Not what you would expect for paying for a 160k home. bjontra82@hotmail.com


My mother purchased a clayton mobile, experienced soft floors, had several water leaks and decaying floors. The AC unit was busted shortly after purchased.

If there is a class action lawsuit for this company please forward information to me. Thanks


Lisa Jackson vandalia il purchase Marion il homeless due to black mold not properly set interior not finished junk foundation/underpinning lisajescort@hotmail.com


I had to move out of my home in November 8th due to black mold. Only had it for 8 months.They brought my so called new double wide damanged.

The roof, and water damange inside. They kept patching it up. Now I'm staying at a girlfriends parents house bc that black mold made me sick. They tried to tell me that my warranty went out in july 2017 and I was living in a rent house at that time.

I'm just disgusted by reading all the problems that everybody has with these homes.

How are they still in business. Right now I had to hire an attorney and waiting on them to reply to my summons.


Same problems. Bought 3yrs ago.

Trouble with air unit.

More concerned about soft spots in floor, feels like linoleum in only supporting floor please email me if lawsuit info. Cbalentine3079@yahoo.com located in Tennessee


Ive had my home for 2 years and im so sick and tired of having to deal with this stuff.


My husband and I would like in this law suit or a consumer protection needs to investigate. We have had our single wide since 2014 and our problems were fixed...but bedroom doors do not close properly, back door has not been the same since they replaced it, the issue I am having now is electrical.

According to my electrician this home is set has a daisy chain electrical lines, nearly the whole house has had the correct electrical boxes placed in the outlets, because the outlets are not set to standards for the state of Texas. Last few days when A/C kicks on all lights flickers and my husband a former building and code inspector that is not right. My concern is coming home and my home has caught fire. HUD should also be investigating this matter per state, because I am very familiar with they codes.

Vanderbilt Mortgage & Finance has increased our mortgage by about 50.00 and it is our highest bill of 672.02. My husband is a disabled veteran and I am disabled so we both live on a fixed income. We are doing without of a lot of things...but really feel it when I have 50.00 to 100.00 for groceries for the month, 25.00 to 40.00 goes for dog food and treats. Husband served in Vietnam and has a service dog.

My laminate is coming off my cabinets in kitchen and bathroom, and that is on compressed board. May get a hold of me at cldefreesestearns@gmail.com, we have made improvements 10' x 30' covered front porch with wheelchair ramp and an aerobatic septic system was place in.

Why would a manufacturer put a wall up where the hot water heater is? Doesn't make since if you have problems with the hot water heater....makes you wonder.


Please let me know how to join the lawsuit against clayton homes and I would like to file one against their insurance company refusing to let my mom use the insurance for defects. lilsmith235@gmail.com


My mom has a clayton home it was built in 2010 sold to her in 2011 for over $140K, she has insurance but they refuse to let her use it. She as a 10yr warranty recently the kitchen floor started buckling, the wooden frames around the windows has severe wood rot and the siding is cracking and splitting, not to mention the paint has completely faded in blotches.

The thing is she lives in a senior park and I contacted the company and they replied it was our fault for not maintaining the home by not treating the wood and waxing the home really, the wood rot is so bad the carport support will eventually fall. We live in San Diego County California.


Yes there is a class action suit we would like to be in on it we purchased a 2000 ft² Kennesaw and it is falling apart it is barely 3 years old we have had nothing but issues from the start that all they did was band-aid those issues. Very unhappy with our new home that came with a very hefty mortgage I hope the owners of the company that made ours can sleep at night because everything's fallen apart on this it will never outlive the YEARS of the mortgage the way it is FALLEN apart.

It does not do any good to complain they only band-aid the issues doors are not hung right still tram still falling off of cabinets drawers falling apart you can't even lock the doors without hanging on to the knobs and then turn in the lock the door jambs are not made right cheap cheap and we gave good money for this. Ours is a state code modular, They told us guaranteed Us it was made just like a stick built home they lied about so many things..

My email is maschinosarah @yahoo. com if a class action suit get started


They are all staples together pieces of trash.

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