Among other things many other things for 4 years are AC unit has not been working properly. Every summer a tech is out here at least twice because the a coil freezes to a block of ice.

Well upon changing furniture around in my youngest son's room who's not even 2, I found mildew in the corner where the wall backs up to the AC. I contacted the general manager she came out looked at it took pictures never got back to me never took care of it and is now out of town for 10 days.

I want a full refund Plus compensation for mental anguish in the possible health issues my children might be facing. I would like people to get together and file a class action lawsuit against them

Product or Service Mentioned: Clayton Homes House Construction.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: 11281 Jefferson Ave, Newport News, VA 23601, USA

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My email is bhrector88@***.com. I don't know why it didn't register under my name


We are in the same situation, we have state reports videos and pictures something needs to be done my email is ross_b21@***.com


I just went through the same thing an now that I have moved in my house is leaking water all down my walls an out of my lights


I would like to join as well, I have a clayton that will be 10 years old in July, Had the floors in the kitchen area replaced 3-4 times in the first 5 years due to a/c issues, I have bought and paid for a new a/c that has not been installed due to a major water leak in the kitchen from a bad plastic water line(still waiting on repairs to be done for this) and this morning I woke up to water all over my master closet due to the same hot water line busting at the water heater!!! Clayton sucks. Email me at liepejaime@***.com


Had my house custom built by Clayton's. It's 3 years old and we just discovered there are weak spots all over the roof.

After the 1st year I had a short in the wall going to one of the porch lights. It still isn't fixed. Some of the top bricks of the foundation is falling out because it's just cap blocks with mortar on the front holding it to the cinder blocks. Almost all the brand new appliances had to be repaired after the first few months.

The front storm door has an inch gap between the door and the frame because it isnt squared up. My front yard was graded so the run off goes to the house instead of away. The AC freezes up every summer almost daily. When we first moved in the pipes under the house wasn't together good and fell apart and we had to fix them ourselves.

Some of the heat and air ducts fell down and we had to fix.

The whole back side of the house blows light bulbs monthly but the front half lasts about a year and a half. Add me in ckoladawn@***.com




Does anyone have The Farmhouse Jamestown, The Rocketeer, or The Sweet One? My wife and I have been looking at these houses and after reading some of these reviews really getting second thoughts


I would like some information because we have a clayton home that is awful also. Sharonbsn28465@***.com


I'm having issues with my Clayton moble home also.


Sorry for any misspelling in the previous comment. I'm so aggravated at this point and literally have spoken to clayton homes today with no luck as usual.


Who do we contact? I'm in the process of consulting a lawyer and have begun filing a home owners claim.

I also emailed the division of labor for WV. We just had our 3rd almost fire electrical issue. We have the roof leaking and our siding even after they attempted to fix it still looks like a tornado put it on. We had issues since day one of set up.

They even had to have people from the plant in TN come out. Don't waste your time with that though. The guy they sent from their main office has absolutely no idea about construction.

Our home was the firdt time he had ever been on a site. Done with that company.


I have a 2010 Clayton, same problems & more. Black mold of some type has also started.

No attorney will touch the problem.

They tell me we will run out of money before Mr. Buffett.


Yes, no lawyer will touch it we are in the same boat


we need more we have a story that is a mile long of the bad experience and money we were over charged .


Please include me. Landscaped my yard like a bowl.

Yard always muddy and at least 3 feet of water stands under my house until rain season ends. marieadalton4k@***.com


Count me in...got home in June of 2018...has leaked since before I got it....I have mold and water damage everywhere...please contact me...we all need to stick together and make them pay for what have done to all of us...igitfaith@***.com


You can put us on the list too. We bought ours a little over a yr ago.

We have nothing but problems. Now our roof is leaking on top of everything else.

The floor has already been fixed twice and there still a soft spot in it. My email is bev2lee79@***.com


We will join in. We are having issues with leaking roof, mice and molding popping loose.

Many issues. Sassy14slb@***.com


I'll join in. They put the shingles on my house with staples and now they are all blowing off. bigdan671@***.com


Our home is 4 years old and the shingles are blowing off. Tabs and shingles are not sealed we now have a tarp over the home.

No lawyer will take it. Clayton homes suck big time.

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