Among other things many other things for 4 years are AC unit has not been working properly. Every summer a tech is out here at least twice because the a coil freezes to a block of ice.

Well upon changing furniture around in my youngest son's room who's not even 2, I found mildew in the corner where the wall backs up to the AC. I contacted the general manager she came out looked at it took pictures never got back to me never took care of it and is now out of town for 10 days.

I want a full refund Plus compensation for mental anguish in the possible health issues my children might be facing. I would like people to get together and file a class action lawsuit against them

Product or Service Mentioned: Clayton Homes House Construction.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: 11281 Jefferson Ave, Newport News, VA 23601, USA

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Try small court for $10,000


I would also like to join thanks chonia may email chonia2009@***.com


Please contact me at mistyd1974@***.com I have pictures and many, many emails.


I am having the same issues with Clayton Homes. I have been told many times by the manager we should have bought a “high end” home. What does that even mean?


My home a little over a year out of warranty now has a roof leak! I was given a “free” extended warranty, but no one wants to work with the company! How does a year old home have major problems like this?!?


Clayton uses the cheapest materials they can use. I've had so many water leaks. The inside trim is coming off among other problems.


Ever since I bought my home it's been trouble. They never placed the blocks correctly, they came out to fix it and they still fell down.

They never came back out. The vinyl job is horrible. No access to my duct work in my ceiling. There's a bunch more with this trailer.

I want in. Brocdec@***.com


We would like to join as well we bought our home this year a d had nothing but issues contacted clayton and the came out and put new shingles over the parts that were sinking in so not only did they not fix the problem they patched my roof only to make it look like *** Mae0388@***.com


I would like to participate as well. I’ve had nothing but problems with my home since I bought it. My email address is wildchild24293@***.com


Contact me as well Tracydk4@***.com


My family and I will be in on a lawsuit our house and working with Clayton Homes has been nothing but 100% problems from the beginning. Rachel.baldillez@***.com


We recently bought a home just four months ago. Our floors are buckled causing the walls and ceiling to do the same.

In took four months for a service worker to get here for repairs.

We have a leak under our master bath that has caused floor rot and mold due to floor joices causing bathtub to rock back and forth. Their own plumber told us Clayton told him to just rig it up however.


I have had the same issues and want a class action law suit I am on pissed consumer have a new review they are Con Men. And it's been two and a half years I had a attourney for a year and a half now he's trying to screw me too. Wasted my time.


I would like to join a class action lawsuit as well they refuse to fix anything even though I pay insurance every month when they know they've used the cheapest materials possible and everything falls apart easily. Not to mention I've been braking out in sores and having all kinds of skin problems from the Formaldehyde toxins used to manufacture my home. I'm in Texas.


omg. i have sore all over my legs, arms, and stomach that started when we moved in 3 weeks ago.

u can see bathroom light shining 2 rooms away thru cracks of the ceiling to the wall! not 1 door trim is straight.

but the sores ..omg i coulsnt understand why my skin was doing this. i 10000% will be filing a lemon lawsuit against clayton and the seller.


I will participate my email is latisha.potts@***.com


Yes, I will participate. My email address is vjamesis@***.com


jenhansen107@***.com feel free to include me in a lawsuit against them


I would be in on that lawsuit for sure. They are crooks


Please contact I would like to join this class suit against Clayton. Our house is only 9 mo old and it's a mess. My email is sharonbsn28465@***.com

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