Among other things many other things for 4 years are AC unit has not been working properly. Every summer a tech is out here at least twice because the a coil freezes to a block of ice.

Well upon changing furniture around in my youngest son's room who's not even 2, I found mildew in the corner where the wall backs up to the AC. I contacted the general manager she came out looked at it took pictures never got back to me never took care of it and is now out of town for 10 days.

I want a full refund Plus compensation for mental anguish in the possible health issues my children might be facing. I would like people to get together and file a class action lawsuit against them

Product or Service Mentioned: Clayton Homes House Construction.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: 11281 Jefferson Ave, Newport News, VA 23601, USA

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Many problems! Please contact me at bstaylor56@***.com


I am interested in a Class Action suit. We have experienced many of the same issues with Clayton.

Our floor is rotten due to a faulty door seam.

A technician has been out twice and did nothing. I called and reported it but nothing.


I understand how you feel about this company. For the past 3-4 months my family had many issues with our new home built less than 6 months ago.

My husband and I have called at least 20-30 times, if not more, in effort to resolve the various issues with the home. One specific problem was the water pressure and sediment in the water. I’ve replaced 3 filters on our new system (out of my pocket) due to the Brown water in the home. I hired my own plumber (I had to pay a fee) who advised there is sediment getting into the well water.

This occurs on a monthly basis. Their plumber came out after 3 separate requests to get someone out to resolve and finally did something—-readjusted the well.

This did not resolve the issue. We are still unable to use the water in the home.

@Beatrice J

Curious if u signed an arbitration agreement, and if u were in so many words told if u didnt u wouldnt get the home? Dawnemoore2015@***.com Ive been threatened with foreclosure with trying to get my home safe!


How do I join suit? My Clayton home is extremely bad and I can ditto any complaint I've seen on this site.

Clayton has done near nothing for 2 years. To get an idea of my problems, check out 'Clayton POS" on Craigslist in Seattle.


We also will jump on a class action lawsuit. Our house is full of mold from the AC unit and this is only our 1st Summer.

Been in the house 6 mo. And already have problems..also all of our doors are crooked, the foundations has cracks and holes in it.

Email me if anyone is starting a lawsuit against them. dawnallman94@***.com


My Parents are going through the same thing and would like to join


I would love to join a class action suit against Clayton homes. I've had nothing but problems with this house. I'm reachable vnhiscare@***.com


I am going through the same thing. No one has helped I guess it’s time for a lawyer. No other options.


We are having problems after problems with Clayton too property damage hose set incorrectly and so much more. We have videos and pictures to prove it please contact me for a class action lawsuits at ross_b21@***.com or 407-675-****

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