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Hey people, we are in the stages of arrbitration.Clayton homes won\'t respond to our $200,000 settlement offer so,we are in stages of hiring and finding all the experts to state the problems involved with our home being safe.

We have the state of NC, our counties enviromental department, and a professor at Western Carolina University, we have movers that have looked at the house and they done it a long time that will not touch it. They\'re retired now and if they wasn\'t, likewise they wouldn\'t touch it.

Our attorney wants us to find more people to look and speak upon the matter.We\'ll keep you posted.

Original review posted by user May 25, 2012

We bought and paid cash for a 28 by 60 foot doublewide.Here we are 6 years later still fighting to get what we paid for.

To make a very long story short, we still have 14 yes, I SAID 14 STATE CODE VIOLATIONS!!!!!!! Roof has been completly replaced in which the state still thinks its leaking, we had plate size holes!!!!!!! YES PLATE SIVE HOLES in the roof!!!! How do you miss that??

Quality control must have been drunk. Altogether 5 good leaks. Replaced decking and tar paper thats thinner than toilet paper. Covered up the insulation and went on and yes, we brought up the mold issue and they didn't check.

WE did!! County health dept found it and varified it and let them know, nothing happened. Floor joist are pulled away from the bands with nothing holding them but tips of nails. State inspector told them to get a dapia apporval from an engineer for the fix, a scab board on both side of every joist extending 30 inches to the I beam with being toe nailed, 2 rows nails and 100% glued.

The longest scab board put under the house was 11 inches!!! All the way down the house. Missing peirs, tie downs, hot water expansion valves, any opening greater than 48 inches should have peirs, I have a 72 inch window to the point of bowing so bad I can put a level on it and stick my hand under it!!! I bought 2 ceiling fans in which we recived, IN THE BOX!!!

Oh, they leveled it, its above the block and stucco now in which first coat was cracked and the new stucco job they done was busting 9 days later!!! Inside my closet, the numbers on the tag on the wall are registered to someone else! Their fixes just don't work!!! Their done and we have hired an attorney.

They have theirs coming. All I can say is, don't, do not buy any manufactured home!!!! Roofs are built with 2by3s. We paid for the best and got the worst.

I would hate to see a low end model. Had the electrician here twice to find live wires loose with no wire ties. This place is a death trap and we will be building on their dime and to get this piece of #!*!

off our property.any questions or any way we can help ya,

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I was thinking about buying a Clayton home, but changed my mind after doing not that much research.I have had a great experience with my first home however.

A singlewide 1998 Buccaneer with siding. Its like 16+ years old. There was a minor leak when i first bought it and had a metal roof installed that has a foot and a half overhang to prevent any water from getting in the siding coming off the roof. After living in a mobile home for over a year, I have learned the number 1 rule..

KEEP IT WATER TIGHT. It amazes me that the government does not force metal roofs to be on ALL manufactured homes, as it would cut down on like 90%+ of all problems for the first DECADE of its existence. When I purchase a double wide, It will come with a metal roof from day 1, or I'll install one right away. I really like this Buccaneer, its held up well for 16 years, the structure is in perfect condition.

I will also inspect it the mobile home, living in one is helpful because you learn what to look for. I am really impressed at how wow insulated this unit is.

I have to turn the freaking air on in the winter because my computer heats the room up.'GEFORCE GTX 770 SLI".


My husband and I purchased a Clayton mobile home 8-2002 but the paper work on insurance said it was built in 2003?and was lied to from the get go.

We have had issues with mold and windows and doors leaking and had to have the roof replaced because the wind would lift it up and wave it.after 10 yrs finally get insurance adjuster to look at it and they are trying to blame the new metal roof but the mold and damage is from the floor up they and Vanderbilt Mortgage are mean and nasty :( and never would listen to our complaints.


Hey people today we was outside working in the yard and looked up and noticed, nails are popping the shingles!!!New leaks!!!!

The whole thing was just replaced. But, regardless of what happens in court it is covered by Clayton Homes for life because they was cited by "THE STATES FIRE MARSHALLS OFFICE" Thats the guys you need to contact. I feel court will go good for us.

We'll keep all of you posted.Get em guys!!!!


there is an out for you, get ahold of the state fire marshalls office, You want to speak to mobile home and insurance division.Find one mishap that was out of code, in agreement to fix and the'll send inspectors.

Fault self first for buyng, Clayon homes, set up people and lastly your county for not enforcing the codes!! Thats why you buy the permits. If people start going after the counties, their the last say so before you move in. The states would crack down on *** like clayton homes.

A guy named Bobby Alberts is over warrnty,customer service, and he's a real ***!!!

Our attorney has all of our file or I would give you his cell phone #.If your home came from Halls division a guy named Mike Dunston is top dog there Maryville Tenn , he was at our house shaking his head in disbeleif.




Every employee at the sales store in Arden NC not New York has been fired, released, or we just don't know the reason other than bringing the truth to the floor?We can't find them.

It didn't happen on our part though.

These people are ruthless and unhearted.The best you can do is preach to everybody not to buy from Clayton homes and right now in this economy our $100000 can build a whole lot of house!!!

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