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Update by user Nov 11, 2015

Hello pissedconsumer of Clayton mobile homes!Stacy here early this Wednesday morning,thinking about what those employees and manager Dax Fryer did to me Halloween night October 31st 2015, at the Clayton homes lot in Gulfport, Ms. On highway 49.

It just kills me to think of how bad the outcome could have really been of this terrible situation ! It could have been a tragedy for me ! I was almost to the point of a diabetic coma, from sugar being way to low ! I needed my medicine , but could not get to it , because I was being held like a prisoner , against my will by people that did not check there lot, to see where I was and knowing my car was sitting there !

It was actually manager Dax Fryer who admitted to me on phone that he was the one pecking on my passengers side window , telling me to move into a parking lot! It was 4:10 and there were folks pulling into parking lot still! You could tell he wasn't very happy about all the people coming in so close to closing , he and others were so ready to get off they didn't check 8 ft from building to see where I was, that's how fast they got out of there, even before 5:00 it was! Got all off lot and took off with my car there and could have cared less!

The secretary made that plain and clear when I had to call them , that Monday morning , I seen they were not going to call me back after putting in a review call! She was a very rude lady once she found out what had happen! They still on Monday morning did not no who had cut the lock ! She said oh so that's how our lock got cut!

Didn't have a clue , after officer called Dax Fryer for over hour before they could cut lock, and several other employees of this Clayton homes , and not one single person , not manager Dax Fryer , after was left several voicemails to contact officer about me stuck in lot and if no response , they would cut lock , and for her, the secretary to say that , like was just clueless! And to top it off after talking with this loon , she actually had the guts to make up a story very fast , after not even knowing what had happen and who I was, that she saw me leave with a man! Please , you can think if something better than that! What person would leave that place with anyone , for there vehicle to be locked up in for 2 days, and me not even from Gulfport, come on, you could have come up with a better one than that!

If coarse when I ask if had camera's , oh convent for them , they do not! But do have a sign that u looked at for a few hours saying "all vehicles left on lot will be towed" hmm wonder why I couldn't have got a tow out of there, that would have been nicer than being locked in for 5 hours, thinking they might actually come back ! Not, police couldn't even find them! I wish I would have taped the EMT,s face when they came, I didn't ask for one, officer called them once seen my condition!

They were not very happy on what the outcome of all this could have been! I new I needed food, and drink, that I was weak, but never imagined it was that low! Really was trying to get me to go with them to hospital, but I said I just want to go home ! Couldn't leave lit until they got ahold of a family member to let them no what had happen and to please while I was on my 2 hour journey home to call me every 10 mins to check in and went and got me some chips and coke to bring up a bit before I could even go.

But I thank God everyday for those EMT's and all 5 officers that came and stayed with me until lock was blasted off and my sugar and anxiety levels were better, they saved my life that night , from those employees of Clayton homes and Dax Fryer from Gulfport , Ms lot , that almost killed me, by locking ME AND MY CAR in the lot and never looked back! You would really think that they could afford to get a system , microphone, something loud, just a yell would have done fine that they were out of there at 4:51 and who's car does this belong to? Never in my life nor others , I tell this insane story too, can believe that they would not check the lot before rushing out! This is one thing I will never forget in my live and neither will the ones who locked me in!

I documented every 15 mins , I was there , from arrival time , time Dax Fryer pecked on my window, time I got back in car , time I tried to get out of lot, time I sat there , time officers and ambulance arrived until time lock was finally off , and Time I finally got out! Officer even made a comment on my notes and how smart that was. I told him about having PTSD and they taught us in class if in a bad situation always start to write it down to try and calm u down and you always have notes to come back and look at in case something you might have forgot! He said very smart!

I had my brief case with me with my work and mouthy close outs with me , from I was in Gulfport in a timeshare buy in for a couple of hours and was heading back home , when I pulled in , which like I said could have been tragic for me, to look at a trailer, yes they are a trailer, that had a white porch around it , for my girlfriend from home , that's what she had been looking for and we do not have any like that in our town! But after that, I will help here buy a brick home like mine before she lives in a piece of junk like all those looked like, just from looking threw the windows , you could see the cabinet door was hanging from just one hinge on the top! Really folks for those prices you can build any home you wish that will last you for your lifetime instead of a few years, maybe that is already falling apart when it's pulled of lot , from all the 500t reviews , and I read each one of them , on the quality of these trailers from Clayton mobile home where main headquarters are located in Maryville, Tennessee and Clayton homes company's are owned by Kevin Clayton since 1983 where he inherit acted company from his father Jim Clayton who started Clayton homes in 1966 , 10 years after he was appointed president of bank in 1956. They now sell these homes in 49 states in the US with 448 company's owned retail outlets and a little more than1300 independent retailers !

Clayton company is worth trillions of dollars as of present day! Just think of how many people around the US have had complaints! Let's just say its a lot , but not one of those complaints have been a women locked in lot , by the employees who never checked on anything or anywhere to find this person that they new was in there lot!! Case #15-5402 , Harrison county sheriff office!

P.0 Box 1480 Gulfport , Ms, 39502! Will diffently continue to keep everyone around those 49 states updated on my situation very often ! One last thing, we would really like to no if this has happened to anyone else across the US , if so please get in touch with me! And again thank you Harrison county sheriffs dept and Harrison county ambulance service!!

You really can't begin to know how grateful I am for each and everyone of you who took over a hour and half to get me out and who took care of my medical needs ! I will be bringing you all homemade goodies by around Christmas , like I promised!! Be TTYL PISSED OFF CONSUMER'S, keep your reviews of these trailers falling apart !

Let's help others no the truth before it's to late for them! Everyone have a blessed day!!!!

Original review posted by user Oct 31, 2015

Right at this very moment I am locked sitting in my car inside Clayton mobile homes now for 4 hours ! They new I was here,!

My car was parked in very front ! They saw me get out and look around ! A storm was coming , no body even asked if I needed help when arrived except a man that worked here telling me to move on up to a parking spot ! I did !

It was 4:10 around then lots of people still here when I arrived ! I am from Laurel, ms and I am at this present time I, am locked inside with my car on hwy 49 in Gulfport ,Ms! Cars just rolling down hwy past me ! I returned back to my parked car around 4:55 , the rain had started to come !

Never the entire time her and still here was I ever asked to be helped! These folks are real kind, sounds like ! It came a bad storm for at least 45 minutes and I sat in my car, just like I am at present time , Halloween night as a women, age 43 , my name is Stacy and it's now 9:38 oct 31, 2015! I didn't have much gas , was going to stop on down the road when I left and fill up before my 2 hour journey home!

My phone had died right before I got in the car! Scared I was going to run out of gas sitting here with it running , light had already came on! I suffer from PTSD and bipolar depression and anxiety! There is no way out , has 3 long metal gates all locked up tight with large chain and huge looks!

I drove my car around lot several times beginning to panic and started crying , there is no way out back way either ! Almost 5 hours I have and still am sitting in front of Clayton's mobile home under the most light they have her panicking ! It's been 5 hour and I have made myself calm down and try to call for help since I got phone charged up 10 percent! And I canny run the car!

This is unreal and my Meds for my PTSD are at home where I should have been 3 hours ago ! I just check there web page to see who might own this Clayton lot or anyone to call from her! Now the bad storm is coming back tonight and just begun! Only thing I no to do to get me and my car home is call 911!

This has probably never happen to anyone before except me! If it has I sure have never heard of it! But I am so mad at this moment , everyone that work here today needs to loose there job if they can't wait on someone to go or come find them, they saw me here and my car was still here when they locked me up in here ! I feel like I'm in prison and can't get out!

My PDST and I cannot handle this and I still have 2 hours to drive feeling this way I will never make it home in the condition I am in.' ever get there! OMG any other ideas people but 911! My heart in pounding with anxiety !

If you have PTSD you no what I'm feeling ! Help help get me out of her!!!!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Employees at all, Secretary, Dax fryer, Little whiner girl katie.

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this post needs to be taken down. it is false. whoever posted this should be ashamed of themselves and embarrassed for being so *** as to make up a story like this.


anyone reading this knows that it is untrue. After the employees walked the lot and locked very door and turned off the power to every house, how were you not found?

Also who sits in a car for 5 hours? what probably happened was you parked your car, left and came back to find it locked behind the gate.

Who ever posted this should stop lying and take it down.


We purchased a home from Dax, He was wonderful and I absolutely cannot see this happening with him. Maybe your credit was too jacked up to be approved or something and now are looking to try to ruin his livelihood?

I had to come by the office close to them closing before and their was someone walking checking trailers both times. So I don't believe this and if I was Dax would sue for slander. Like someone said, why didn't you just call 911 ? If things went down like you say why weren't any charges pressed?

Possibly because it didn't happen. Stay off the drugs lady!


The people who have done this are so sick. They need to be arrested for negligence and attempted murder!

How can they do this to you? Don't they care? And what about their company's reputation?

I'm not in the market for looking at modular homes, but one day I'd like to buy land and build a house on it.

They sure do have nice designs, but I'm not going to subject myself to losing money because of them! I've read the reviews here, and I know they just lost a potential customer in me!

I hope you sued their fuzzy a$$e$!


Call 911 for christs sake

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