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My husband and I went to Clayton Homes in June of 2010, I found the house we wanted online myself. Salesman was NO help what so ever...didn't even suggest for us to look online, just showed us the lot and floor plans of others. We ordered our house August 2010 after FHA approved us and we choose all our options. We were told we would be in our house by the end of October 2010.

Our house arrived at the end of August 2010 and we fell in love with the kitchen and the rooms we could see (master bath and 2 of the bedrooms were covered by plastic because of the layout of the double wide)We had taken my dad with us since he helped us with the down payment and he was talking to Scott (our salesman) and asked him a few questions about the house and Scott said "Ask her talking about me she knows more about this house than I do"

I was the one who found out the town needed a water/sewer permit form submitted, I did the running around for that, went to the town council meeting to make sure they didn't have any questions. The county give us (pretty much ME since I did most of the phone calls) the run around about having a construction entrance and silt fencing and **I** was the one who found a contractor to do those (this was Clayton Homes' responsibility! But if I left it to Scott it would never have gotten done) Our house wasn't put on our land until the week before Thanksgiving (November 2010) and it sat there in 2 halves for almost a month! This was a EXTREMELY cold winter so getting a day above freezing was hit and miss to do our foundation...not to mention guys wanting to go hunting and taking vacation to do just that made everyone short handed! The same guys who did the foundation is the same guy Clayton Homes hired to do our porches (4x4 simple porches), took forever for them to get anything done!

We FINALLY moved in around the middle/end of January and it's now 7 months later and the porches are pretty much falling apart, the foundation is cracking and getting a hold of someone to get things done is IMPOSSIBLE! Our yard still don't have seed/straw, one contractor that *I* found to do some work for them has yet to be paid (been 8 months since he did the work!) he's the ONLY contractor who did everything right and on time during the entire process! Our front porch that we use daily (myself being pregnant, and having 3 children 6 and under along with my husband) the steps are coming off the porch and I'm scared they will fall off, the back porch and steps (that we don't use) are crooked! I've went as far as to talk to Scott's manager (Wayne) and it's his step dad so he pretty much don't care!

We're still in the 1 year warranty and if we have to we will be contacting a lawyer to get this stuff fixed!

I should say, I do enjoy our house itself. The kitchen is exactly what I wanted and we get plenty of compliments on it and I enjoy having a tub to relax in in the master bath. It's the staff/contractors for Clayton Homes that I can't stand!

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stop wasting your time and money Country Estates are the best folks in the business.. PERIOD !!!!

trun key. Not saying its picture perfect world. Clayton, Okawood and freedom homes are the same outfit..

Pats manor homes. are all out to get your money.

to martin #1542192

As a buyer doing the pre ground work can ease your pain. Go to your local zoning department and look up placement of your home, they will tell you what size or what set back or requirements.


I wish I had seen these earlier. My land was purchased jan 31, 2017.

The home sections arrived on their lot by end of april 2017 and still sitting there. The county permit was applied for in june and finally approved in july. To date I have a well dug and a driveway. Oct 19 the footers were dug.

They are set for county inspection this Monday and supposedly concrete to follow. I won't get into the numerous emails and phones with empty promises. My rental home lease expired last april so i'm renting a room while my husband took our dogs to stay at the family farm in Ky. My horses are being boarded in ohio for the past year....needless to say i'm going broke.

They have my deposit since dec 2016/jan 2017. I've paid for 2 appraisals so far....they are only good for 120 days...so looks like i'll get hit for another. Oct 27 I filed a complaint at the headquarters and was told I would get a response in 3 to 4 business days.

Been a week and no word. left 2 messages today.

to Terri Anderson #1390408

So sorry to here this, yet good to know

Keswick, Virginia, United States #1300821

Thanks for saving me from all this disaster! Lots of people sale homes! I won't be going back there!


We Bought 2015 mobile home from Clayton Homes in Harrisonburg va !!! It has been nothing but a disaster from the time we bought it.

(Soctt) all he does is lie to peolpe !! This post may not do any good but I hope it help someone who would like to buy a home not to go there it's a joke ... We have NO installation under are home pips freeze all the time .. The was are coming a part the countertops are also coming a part also ..

Scott mother an father are the boss so it does no good to go to them at all. Beware do not buy a home from Clayton Homes it is nothing but a joke I don't understand how they can do that to innocent people but yet they want us to pay our mortgage on time when things in our house are falling apart and we've not even been in our home for two years yet!!!!


I would like to know if the rumor is true Clayton Homes of Harrisonburg Va. Is filing Bankrupt if so email me jobo@frontiernet.net


WOW it's good/bad? to know i'm not the only one who had a horrible experience with this company.

My house set on their lot for over a year before it was set. Scott told me that it was ok to get someone to pay for my survey and that he would have them reimbursed once we went to closing (that never took place and i have to pay that person out of my own pocket) There were MANY times i tried to contact Scott and was ignored, emails sent and ignored as well. How do these people stay in business?? It looks like they've been doing this for at least 6 years and they're all still there.

Cindy is a rude, liar and she will *** every chance she gets. The inspector came to do my inspection and no one was there so i had to take the notice that was left on the door to Scott so that they could arrange to have someone there when the inspector was to come back. I took off that morning to be at the house so that i knew SOMEONE would be there to meet the inspector in case Clayton dropped the ball again and guess what? I spoke with Scott who said he was on his way and he never showed up.

After trying to call him many times, i finally called the office only to be told that he had called in sick. The water was never turned on so i had to literally CRAWL under my house to turn the main water on so that the inspection could be done. DO NOT DEAL WITH THESE PEOPLE. I can't stress this enough!!!

I was so tired of trying to get someone done about this survey money that i finally made a comment on their facebook page that was not very nice and guess who called me at home?~! Scott! NOW he wants to talk. Unbelievable!!

Unacceptable!! And ABSOLUTELY Ridiculous!

to Renee Roanoke, Virginia, United States #1066361

i am trying to get a group of people together about clayton of harrisonburg to see if they can right all the wrong they have done to people in the past including myself they have cheated me out of $5500.00 and I dont want them to continue to treat hard working people this way and get by with it . are you interested?


Why don't you call the corporate office and ask for Kevin Clayon and let him know see if that helps.


I to am having a huge problem with Clayton Homes. I am a first time home buyer and this whole thing is a huge nightmare.

Cindy Tomlin is the biggest lier I have ever encountered and Jerry Tackett (district manager) is an SOB. My house has been sitting on their lot for over two weeks now and they won't set my house or return any of my phone calls. All permits were also done over two weeks ago and Cindy nor Jerry will give the ok to the contractor as they are punishing me for calling out every one of Cindy's lies. Also the craftsmanship of the house is dreadful.

My husband is a trim carpenter and we found two full pages of stuff wrong from nails sticking out to trim not finished and crooked to my range over my oven being bent and also my cabinets de-laminating.

I have been calling vanderbuilt for three days now and no one will call me back.

My email is sbreeden01@gmail.com if you or anyone else has had a problem with these people and would like to talk or tell me how you were able to get satisfaction because at this point I don't know how to make them give me my home. I have filed a complaint with BBB after that I just don't know because no one will talk to me.

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