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My husband and I bought a home from Clayton Homes of Tappahannock that has turned into one nightmare after another.They hired Woodland Landscapping company to set our home landscapers to set a house who would have thought to do that.

Who in turn tried to scam us by filling the pier holes with dirt and 4 inches of concrete. Now our piers are in two pieces. They have recently been inspected with only ONE being what it is suppose to be, how do you suppose that will be fixed? In January we sent a punch list that has yet to be completed, we have had 3 water leaks and all that water ran into the so called support for our home, the "set crew" taped our heating duct to the house with duct tape, which we found laying on the ground filled with water.

Our kitchen counter has been repaired 5 times without being fixed. They actually charged us 1,200.00 to finish they ceiling. They sent a crew here to repair the cracks in the walls from the delivery the repair guy said I have to get home here's a sanding sponge and a gallon of paint can you finish this. There is NO CUSTOMER SERVICE.

They try to blame the customer for their scamming and poor work. We as customers live and pay for these homes.

Wonder how many of the big shots with Clayton Homes or should I say Clayton Horror Homes would actually like to live in my home wondering if it will fall over.Those of you out there with Clayton Horror Homes call you State Government Consumer Advocate they HAVE to respond!

Monetary Loss: $85.

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We have a Clayton from tappahannock as well.Kevin is a liar and we are facing gig many of the same issues.

Woodland landscape lost our house in a ditch at delivery.They are awful as well!


I work for clayton homes and im sorry to hear what has happened to all of you with your homes. Not All of clayton is bad it might just be the area you are in. some people dont take pride in making a home and life for another person. but here in louisiana we care we do actually help and our there every step of the way with the whole process. call home office with issues to get something fixed if you are still under warranty there shouldnt be a problem getting something done. Again im sorry this has happened to everyone but i do wish you the best with your home you worked hard to get



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