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hello to everyone here I wish there would be somekind of class action suite against them there are complaints everywhere my story is I bought a home from clayton homes of troy Missouri was told it was a year end clearance home and sale priced this was april 2009 on my own 4 acrea parcel of land that I also had a 1980 3bed 2 bath doublewide on already with the sale of there new home that was already 2 years old i was told i had to sell my old home befor the new one is finished i wanted to keep the old for son and his new family but i sold it anyway ,, the home was a night mare from day one ! they had dug up my property and did the short wall foundation befor the day of title and paper work signing this is when i found out the home was actually a 2007 not a year end clearance wich woulda been a 2008 so now it is 2 years old i went thru with it because i figured my hands were tide because of my land being dugup and foundation poured and setup this is was just the beginning they messed up house during setup getting get marriage line together and ends they were winching on it forcing it together home has twisted ibeams underneath home doesn't even sit on sill plate on southeast corner for about 25 feet several windows i cant even lock walls are separating floors all uneven linoleum coming up all over the house walls have severe cracks extending all the way up they covered up the really bad cracked walls in dining area with waynescoating or paneling with rough cut edges all exposed looks terrible plantation shutters wont close unlessed forced together at same time interior closet walls everywhere are separating some with a half inch gap or better in the corners whole walls have shifted no place to put dryer vent hose to outside so my walls are bad from running dryer in laundry room ,, no no air intake for fireplace air conditioner went out first summer they would not warranty it several light and switch fixtures didn't work in the house they replaced with pieces from home depot has really bad wind and air leaks thru out the home always cold in winter and warm in summer electric bills are higher than my old 1980 doublewide was told i could refi after 4 or 5 months at that point then they told me they don't do refi and never did plus i am on social security disability i get 1600 a month they got me for 965 a month loan payment !!!

the manage tim Donaldson from the troy Missouri clayton homes sales place conned me into signing the paperwork releasing the home telling me his employees needed to get paid and wouldn't unless i signed off on it after that they drug out the house fininshing for alsmost 2 years well they never finished it i contacted Missouri housing authority got them involved tried to do and go the right route upon there first inspection there was 34 not done on the home some being major like home not bolted and joined together was just sitting there (was told by a engineer they did that thining the home would settle some to conform to the foundation wich is way off this went on for almost another year and a half dealing with the Missouri housing people and clayton homes and there southern homes factory and there subcontractors not to mention in 2009 they were doing that first time home buyers deal where you could get up to 8,000 for a new home purchase wich i did not know about but they well informed me and even sent me to a tax lady they deal with and send other buyers to to get there sales wich the irs jumped all over me about 4 months later denying me the tax credit saying i had to pay it back wich i could never do especially living off of 1600 a month with a now grand a month house payment ! i finally hired a attorney wich is very hard to do all the attorneys in the area wanted 10 grand upfront ! wich i could never come up with ! i finally found one who would take the case for 2500 cash and a larger percent of the case winnings it has now been about 2 and a half years that i have had the attorney on the case but has not really went far , about 4 months ago we had a little inspection at the house with a old man dressed in black who i guess clayton pays big bucks to go around to there buyers who are trying to sue them he tells them there is nothing wrong with the house and they offer me a 1000 dollars im like that it is like a slap in the fase geez i have paid them over 60,000 dollars since april 2009 robbing peter to pay paul every month to get by and hopefully not loose my land that i originally owned free and clear that is now tide in to there loan ,, anyways i did get the irs to drop the 8000 first time purchase money i got out of that one ,, if anyone knows any tricks or secrets or legal things i can do please please help me !

im tryin not to loose my land ,,,, clayton and there companys have a clause in there legal writings that any law or suite precedings will be thru arbitration wich really throws a monkey wrench into any lawsuite or legal situation but my lawyer is still trying im tryin to keep the faith ! PLEASE HELP !

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Yes let’s do it them got me too.


Please contact me at I am meeting with the attorney general in KY--I am all for class action law suit against these folks--they are criminals.

Our story is so long--and just like everyone else--we need to band together--and do something! call me--or

to Anonymous Marion, Illinois, United States #1210940

Interested in class action suit.. Stacey 618 638 6101

Harker Heights, Texas, United States #880668

We bought our DW in 2010. We have had nothing but problems since day one.

The inside A/C unit started having issues the following summer in 2011. They wired it all wrong. Clayton would not come fix it cause the DW warranty was out. They told me I didn't buy the extend warranty.

I was never offered the extend warranty. Cause I know we would of bought in a heart beat. So on the A/C so far every year I have to call the A/C guy at least 4 times a year to come fix our A/C. I had to have an electrician to come in and rewire the whole inside A/C unit, for fire safety.

I was told by the A/C guy and the electrician that in time the DW could caught fire. Now the inside A/C unit is pouring water into our cross over duct. The A/C unit is suppose to only be 4 years old. We were told we would get a side by side refrigerator with water an ice maker in the door, microwave above the stove, and a second sink in the second bathroom.

Well I asked the sale guy, where my fridge, microwave and sink was he told me I only purchased the standard DW. The siding on the house as come lose, I called to them fix it, yet again I was told the warranty was out. That was six months after buying the DW. We have had to fix every pipe from leaking, Our cabinets in the kitchen are coming apart.

The smoke detectors go off at all hours of the day and night even when I am not cooking. I have changed the batteries and they still go off at all hours of the day and night. I have called corporate, they would tell we will get right on it. They will call me back.

Never heard from them. I was even asked to put it in writing and someone get back with never heard from them.

Childersburg, Alabama, United States #848693

I had a bad experience with them to ! I plan to call the corporate office .

I'm on a fixed income & alone. I paid 10.000 down to get a place. My daughter in law passed& my son had given me the money cause I had no place to live. There was nothing wrong with my money !

It plenty wrong with the way the did me

. First I didn't get the vaulted ceilings & carpet was wrong color. They brought the trailer out with out contactinig me tomb there. 2 weekslater iI got the key to go in & it wasn't right.

They agreed to hook septic & left the PVC pipes on top ofthe ground with a block to prop togo ala little down hill. I was told in front of my ex that ! If u don't sign off on this trailer today ! Its a Repo.

I didn'tknow what else to do so I signned. To me that was a threat! Take it like it is or loose 10.000 dollars. All I want is my money back they didn't want to do that.

I want to talk to someone who can help me. Now I'm having to b in a 14×66 ! 40.000 dollar trailer that I'm not happy with. Pray the lord will work this out for me.

Now I'm trying to get someone to take over the payments.

I'll never b happy in it cause its not what I walked into.please let me know if u think I can do anything to get my money back. I was lied to & feel they let me down


We're in a mess also, why not go through their contract arbitration and if that doesn't get what you need that should allow you to proceed with a lawyer I would think. Because if you go through all steps and aren't getting the results you need, then you should be free to move to the next step.


do NOT sign anything from Clayton or any sales people, no matter what they tell you! Refuse to sign, even if they tell you they will beat you up or whatever may be.

They'll say anything to trick you into signing your rights away, even if it's a home walk though, do not sign anything until they fix it to your liking.. Goodluck, post back with how things go.

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