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Clayton of Lowell AR used and vouched for a judgement proof violent felon on 5 years probation to build basement and set new 28X48. I was threatened by contractor when I said I'd complain to the Missouri Public Service Commission.

I complained and the contractor lost his right to set new houses in Missouri so I'll live under the threat for the rest of my life.Contractor conned Clayton and me into early payment and contractor abandoned project. This started in April and house still not safely set as of November 18. Clayton closer lied during closing and on about 11 occasions said the contract meant something it clearly didn't. Verbal assurances are useless in a legal fight.

Either he was ignorant or was trying to deceive us (ages 67 & 60). We were required to sign a clearly false "completion certificate" for them to continue the installation.

Clayton clearly preys on senior citizens. The only bright spot is a dedicated Missouri PSC inspector who is doing her best to insure that at least we eventually get a safe installation.

We'll never get what we paid for. The manufactured homes industry has managed to strangle state agencies assigned responsibility to protect the consumer.

Call your state representatives and demand better regulation. Otherwise we are all sheep to be shorn and then lead to slaughter.

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I'm sorry to hear that. I would contact the States Attorney General to see what they can do for you. If need be take these crooks to court if you have the evidence to do so.

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