We purchased a 2001 single wide home in 2000 from Clayton in Belpre Ohio. We noticed this summer that our roof pitch was not right. The roof in the cathedral ceiling of the LR and KT was sagging.

We called the home center where purchased and was told by the manager that it was our foundation.

We had a contractor come and inspect our home the foundation was great but found out that at both ends of the home the roof was sagging also which is over top of two bedrooms.

We was informed by the contractor that if it is not fixed by winter and we get a heavy wet snow we can expect the roof to fall in on our home.

Contacted Claytons and the plant where it was built spoke to Vince that actually had some help in building it and was told it was condensation build up and not to worry. We have been pushed and pulled around so much that I am ready to hire a lawyer to handle this problem. Anyone with better ideas let me know...

Product or Service Mentioned: Clayton Homes Mobile Home.

Monetary Loss: $30.

Location: Washington, District Of Columbia

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I also have a Clayton home, although it's disguised as a golden west. It was put in brand new in 2007.

A real headache with major repair expenses for roof, subfloor, doors, plumbing, duct work, and now as I'm repairing the moldy ceiling, I see the roof beams are 2x2s. I'm not sure if that even meets the 30lb roofload requirement I paid extra for. And many of these insufficient studs just come to an end in the middle or start of a span. It's insane.

I too, belive I need to speak with an attorney.

This is a farce and I'm bit sure why HUD even allows this. It's like a curse on the working class.


David said, if you want to work for clayton all you prob need to do is go rob a bunch of people that are struggling and iam sure you will be a CEO in no time hard to belive are goverment lets companies get away with this its time to make clayton homes suffer as a business instead of us the home owners

Ok people...noone made you buy a Clayton Home! No one made you sign a contract. They have a business & you chose to go there


I bought a top-the line 2001 Clayton Home. Since I have found only three clips holding my kitchen sink in, the counter is swelling up because of it.

They didn't put OSB under the vinyl siding. They instead used 3/8 Styrofoam over the studs. Now the front door doesn't seal and almost every double-pane window sweats because they have been torqued until the seals broke and gas escaped. One window cracked!

The home is out of square and leans south. We live on a mountain and the wind makes this place creek. This home is a death trap.

Since it's past the one year warranted they won't fix anything! Clayton Homes is a rippoff company!


I was ripped off big time. I just moved into my home 1 week before christmas.

My home is still not finished and it the end of February.My foundation is all wrong.The house doesn't sit on it right. But Clayton Homes is saying that is how its suppose to be.My existing driveway and sidewalks are all ripped up.

They will not replace them.Its in the contract that they are existing and was not to be touch.So I have no front walkway.They do not care.All they wanted was there money.I will have to find a lawyer because I am paying Vanderbilt Mortage there money for a product that is not even finished. This is uncalled for.From Charleston SC


Look I was a Service Manager for Clayton and I have to tell you there business practices are very shady. But, I can tell you how to get your problems resolved very quickly.

1st call corporate at 865-380-**** and ask for the complaint dept. Speak with Denise she will help you for sure. If you get no response write a letter to Rick Boyd. He is a *** but he does not like letters or complaints.

I dealt with a few problems in the 6 yrs I was there and I can also say that when a lawyer is involved they will pay the customer off very quickly. Good Luck to you and I know how you feel the GM at the plant I was at is a snake and trust me the heads of Clayton love him!!!!


They should do them the way they did the waco texas deal....Not that i comend that but whats the differance.

They basically sell people a bunch of lies and ***.....

And sit in the home office and eat there catered food and work out....

Who ever heard of working out at work?...every job i ever had you had to work....

They are a joke....the only reason they are still in buss....is becaused they bought everyone out....

It simple quit buying from them....quit dealing with them.

But if ya really want to get them hurt them in there pockets....

If you are having problems after buying a home contact your local building inspector they really don't like them.

The simple way to stop a theif is to stay away from them.


My advise is to contact your local building inspector first. They will be glad to get clayton going on your issues...we are trained to anwser questions with questions. And to avoid any comments that would see them at fault in any way.

After being employed by clayton homes i have found over the years many people feeling your same problems and more.

They are crooks...they do take advantage of people...and they say they pride there self in service...they suck...they only pride there pockets.

I have been to the corperate office in

maryville tn ...it like it's own little world...they have catered food a full gym ect...thats were your money goes.

They have not done anything for there employess except lay them off this year right at christmas time.

I have felt so bad for years for our customers because of the way they treat them....After taking some time on my pc i have noticed there are thousand of complaints.

Kevin clayton knows nothing of building a home. He has never sweated a day in his life...Tuffaware baker is another example of a non working worthless human being. Then add Danny maples to the crowd.

These 3 people have made a living of of ripping people off. They know nothing of building a quality house..

They are nothing more than the geeks you beat up thru school.

Anyway im getting off couse here..BOTTOM LINE IS...Start at the bottom of the ladder...do not skip steps...and soon you will be on top.

Don't let the man get you down.....


What does the contract say or did you even read it?


if you find a lawyer let me know clayton needs to be shut down they are liars and crooks their crews have no skills and their head office is no better CLASS ACTION is the saying of the day!!!contact me and lets work as a group (if a lawyer will take the case) my house burned down thought it would be quicker to go with a double wide( it sure isnt cheaper)now i have a lemon 15000 cash and my land worth30000 is what i put down on a 60000 house and istill owe them 60000 for a house i couldnt get what i owe for it if you want to work for clayton all you prob need to do is go rob a bunch of people that are struggling and iam sure you will be a CEO in no time hard to belive are goverment lets companies get away with this its time to make clayton homes suffer as a business instead of us the home owners

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