Update....we spoke to two different local lawyers and they said we had a right to battle this but after their research both told us that it would be a long battle. Clayton is known as a drag their feet company.

More money wasted then worth..We are still getting the push around, he said she said *** from the local dealer and the plant in TN. We took the ceiling down in our kitchen and found there was no center structure that ran along the open ceiling. Our contractor said we could install a support beam in til spring then a new roof would be needed.

I have came to a conclusion, when you purchase something from this company expect to be treated like another number and if you are past your 1yr over product warranty then you have to have a lawyer to get anything done...

Location: Washington, District Of Columbia

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I am in the middle of leasing one of Claytons Homes in Wilmer Tx the model single wide I was shown was awesome however after reading all the negative comments I don't want to be trapped into something that will affect my credit in the long run. I am not buying on leasing. Please advise if I should demand more in writing regarding the lease.


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