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My husband and I sat down with a sales associate in June of 2019 to talk to about ordering home we had actually already made a $1000 nonrefundable deposit on a modular home at a different dealership but because I had seen a home online that I liked and wanted to talk to someone from Clayton. We were assured from day one that they could design and produce a high quality built home for the same price that we were willing to pay at the other dealership so we set out to design our dream home.

The home arrived on my property on October 28 of 2019 right off the batt I notice there was things missing we had ordered a small transom window in the guest bathroom it was not there We were told when we bought the house that would take them for 5 weeks to have the house up and ready for us to move into and they were quite aware that we were living in a very tiny camper on our property because we had sold our very large home and was storing everything we owned We decided to go the modular route because I had had a brain aneurysm in 2017 and could no longer maintain our large home we figured choosing a Modular home would be less stressful on me then stick building a home and since my doctors do not want me under stress that's the route we chose to take. Their set up crew and contractors have damaged this home almost beyond repairs they have torn the vinyl flooring in many places chip my granite countertops cracked my tub. When we ordered this home we told them that we live in a very rural area and needed a backup heat source so we ordered a fireplace and Paid quite a bit additional money to have it put in it's quite beautiful but it doesn't put out a drop of heat and when we question them about it they say that's all they put in even though we sat there with ourselves lady telling her that we needed it working fireplace not a pretty fireplace. We also ordered two dormers on top at the house when the set up crew open the roof they had it buckled we waited 9 months for them to come out and fix and build the dormers and when they did they tore all the shingles off left it uncovered during a severe storm and now my entire house has water damage ceilings have to be torn out walls.

This is just a few of the problems we've had with them this has been the worst experience I've ever dealt with any company especially the size of Clayton homes owned by one of the richest man in the world.

We ordered let up great in this house and paid for them but when it time to complete them we had to fight because they said we never ordered them we had witnesses with us when this house was purchased and hurt us as for the things they refused to show you an itemized listing of what you bought so you have no clue of how much you paid for anything I've never heard of anything in my life like that. All I can say to anyone considering buying a Clayton home is take your money elsewhere because I promise you will have nothing but headaches and lies it's not worth the heartache that it will cause you I promise.

User's recommendation: Run as fast as you can away from clayton.

Location: Roselle, Illinois

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