have had a leak problem with our clayton home since we moved in,may 1st 2008, have talked to the mngr. fo the trl.

complex; she has called clayton several times about the problem with very little results, the water leak is in the dinning room window, in the very edge, it is leaking down the edge behind the seperation molding on the drywall. stainning the molding and the wall, very ugly and messy situation.everytime clayton homes is contacted about the problem they ether say that they are back ordered on the color or they send out the wrong piece or color; this has been going on for almost a year now and were getting pretty tired of the whole thing. they need to get off there butts and get this problem fixed. !!!!!

randall davis 6473 rockview ln.

hixson tn. 37343

Product or Service Mentioned: Clayton Homes Mobile Home.

Monetary Loss: $40.

Location: Hixson, Tennessee

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I live in a 16 year old mobile home (bucaneer) that is in near-perfect condition. It baffles me that you let this sit there and leak until it started to stain.

Regardless of if they are at fault. How hard it is to get a cocking gun and seal a window to prevent further damage. It's obvious you did absolutely nothing to prevent further damage.

If you don't care about it, why should they? Sure, Clayton is *** but reading these reviews I see time and time again people letting there cardboard box be destroyed by water when they could of fixed/prevented it in less than 30 minutes by watching a simple instruction video on YouTube.


Sounds familiar. Contact me thru my email if you are interested in a class action.


WEll Jim. I am glad that you are amused about good people being cheated out of their hard earned money.

I wasnr looking for a cheap home. I dont think 70,000 plus finacing is cheap at all. I bought a brick home several yrs ago for 57000 and it was built right. In this Mobile home I was prmised no particle board anywhere.

Guess what. Every cabnet,wood trim, & wainscotting are all particle board. The inner structure is cardboard as ia all the trim. It has 3, 2x4 studs holding up a 70 ft home.

My mower propelled a peice of wood all the way thru the house, dard near decappitating me! My only mistake was being distracted and in a hurry the day they put it together. I didnt check things over as needed.

Clayton Homes needs to answer in court why they have a bunch of *** heads building homes. They need to give what we were promised and make things right for the consumer.


I feel sorry for your issues but i bet your one of many customers who come thru my sale center looking for a CHEAP house!

i sale a high end mh and lose alot of sales to the LOW end dealers but i always here from people saying they wish they bought from me and spent that extra money!

I get a chuckle out of all these problems people have. I mean lord you can just walk into a clayton and open your eyes and see its cheap. People just want to pay for the cheapest house out there but then get pissed off when things fall apart

Grand pa used to say



We understand with the *** construction we bought in Dec. 2007 and still do not have our house fixed properly.

We have been dealing with french doors that have been removed and put back in 8 times the door is now twisted and leaking worse than it ever has we also have a back window that is leaking among many other major problems with our home. Our whole experience has been terrible from the Dealer Mark in Springfield MO that actually came to our home and guaranteed it would be fixed within 1 week to the Southern Homes factory manager that was flown out he told us our house looked like it was built from pieces at the end of the line. We did not get the house we ordered we are missing a eyebrow dormer a peladium window we paid for and didn't get,Our house was shipped to us withour a front door for 2 1/2 weeks our front door key was a drill to remove the plywood, the electric is not right either we went through Clayton Homes with a guy that gets everything hooked up for you your decks built and so on. We now find about 3 months after our house was moved in Jay from Clayton Homes should of had our electric company out here when our house was hooked to the main line this wasn't done, we now are affraid that do to the electric surges mainly when you use the heater or A/C that it might catch fire, our whole house has been tore apart and cheaply remodeled and put back together very unprofessional like and our floors are buckled so bad it is now lifting the kitchen bar and floor boards through out the main part of the house and we can't get anything done.

We have submitted a corporate complaint through Vanderbilt Mortgage also owned by Clayton and was told by regional manager Damon Dickson that he would settle with us if we would accept $3000 and release them of all of this or we can get an attorney or send a counter on the settlement he will not return our calls nor our e-mails. What an option or we can take Vanderbilts option and let them forclose on it and take our 5 acres.

Were sure this isn't an option!I wish someone could look at our pictures about 400 to 500 photo's of what we have been through not to mention the expences we have accured and time lost by missing work to be here for them to work on our home. I hope we can eventually find someone to help us.

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