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Clayton homes Failed to follow procedures required under federal law when they sold us our home. Clayton homes is required to provide a number of disclosures before obtaining a signature on a sales agreement .

They are required to give you a consumers notification and the warranty on the home you decided to choose along with a lot of other information so you can decide if this is the home you really want to buy. One of the most important disclosures is the zone 1, zone 2, and zone 3 construction design. Each design represents its structural strength. If the proper design is not picked and the home is improperly sited the home will be non compliant to zoning regulations for climate conditions.

The statement on the data plate inside the home says a zone one home cannot be placed in a higher wind, snow or thermal loads than it was designed for, for obvious reasons. You find the zone you are in through the building department. The retailer is responsible to explain this to you so you can pick the right design and then sign the disclosure. The retailer is responsible to disclose they cannot require a purchaser to hire an installer to install the home or pay for permits.

Regulations say it is the responsibility of the retailer to include installation and transportation in the sales agreement. This is when the home is New. The retailer is responsible to install and certify the home meets federal regulations. They are responsible if it does not comply it must fix before signing title.

We paid cash for our home, the retailer said they would handle everything, and checked all zoning requirements. we designed our home and added special features and upgrades, like a 30lb per sq. ft. roof load and upgraded shingles that were hand tabbed,30lb felt, and Ice dam protection.

we added solid wood cabinets that were not to be built in cheep cabinets, we upgraded everything, including heater, tank less water heater and in floor heat ducts with cross overs , and a lot of other upgrades we never received. the factory even stripped out all the standard features and safety features that came standard with the home. Before the home left the factory, The inspection form the factory uses to check the homes construction, listed compliance failures to the walls, electrical that are very serious, the roof and doors frames not square, cabinets not level or square. This was to be corrected before leaving the factory, but it was not.

The zone design was never confirmed, so they sent a zone one home. The home left the factory non compliant, with a serious electrical hazard. the home was to be delivered to clayton homes lot, where the retailer and purchaser inspects it for any damage that may have occurred and inspects it for the upgrades you purchased and zoning requirements. If anything is found, they have to fix it before you approve it to be delivered to your site.

This never happened. The home was damaged severely in transport when the axles broke on the highway. the home dropped onto the axles and drug to the ground, twisting the units and damaging everything inside the home. Large fractures in the walls the fireplace and rock wall with mantel ripped from the wall and broke in pieces on the floor, refrigerator and stove flue across the room and broke everything in its path and were a complete loss, the sewer pipe, electric wires, water line, gas line and the under part of home with insulation was ripped out and spread out over the hwy for 200 feet.

The regulations say the home cannot be delivered if it is non compliant. Instead of delivering it to clayton homes lot, it was delivered to our site, because they new we would refuse the home and we would find the zoning problems and the upgrades we didn't get, and the damage it received. When the home arrived we were not expecting it. we saw the damage and tried to refuse it, but the drivers drove onto our property anyway and unhooked, then left.

we called the retailer who was unavailable, but made our complaint anyway. we were informed the manufacturer decided to not pay for installation. The crew that was hired by clayton Homes became our responsibility. We had no clue what to do.

The crew ended up grossly installing the home, we found out they were not licensed and did not have insurance , or pull permits, or call for inspections. Clayton homes dropped this in our laps. We have been fighting for a few years now. All the laws that are their to protect you don't.

Clayton homes has so much money , and power they can get out of anything. No one will stop them, the money is better to turn away. This home was not even our legal property at the time it was claytons until the sale was complete and title was signed. Some how the title was forced through without our knowledge or signatures and a contract with different terms.

We were screwed and have been unable to do a thing about it. we don't have an experienced attorney and cannot find one who knows manufactured homes, Clayton homes is just sitting back smiling, waiting for us to run out of money and quit. These people are so bad I cant even think of a word to call them. This is happening in all states, We are seniors and cannot recover from this all the money we saved during our life to pay a home off when we retired is gone.

Every thing we had in savings is almost gone. We will be forced to live a life we did not want. We will fight until the end we have no choice. This is what they will do to you if you do not heed this warning.

They can do anything they want and steel your life away. We have gone to the channel 4 news joe on your side in Nevada.

they did a segment on TV twice. I think its time to contact them again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Clayton Homes Mobile Home.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $200000.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

I didn't like: Inability to feel the pain they cause others.

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