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Me and my husband went purchase a mobile home from Clayton homes in thibodaux.For a few weeks everything was going good.

We was approved for the home on there lot. We put 1000 down and they said that the one on the lot was ours. We was so excited. We started getting all the permits on the land.

We was trying to hurry Clayton homes cause they new we needed the 8000 tax credit. Well they started ignoring our phone calls and we caught them starting to lie at things. We kept telling them come on we need to sign a purchase agreement. They kept pushing it off by saying it wasn't there fault they was waiting for wells Fargo to contact them back.

Then they had called and said that we can go in to sign..well my husband took off work we went in to sign then they said well y'all cant sign it today cause we don't have all the information. My husband didn't want to miss work again so they let him just sign it. We had looked at the top of the page it had said a 2009 with the serial number. Well a week later we called back and they said they still don't have it done were i could sign.

The day before the 8000 ended we contacted them after hours of them not answering our phone calls, and we found out the truth. We found out why they took so long and kept lying..They SOLD our mobile home to someone else. They was trying to give us a brand new one but the only problem with that was it would not have been built in enough time to get the 8000 and they knew that. They screwed us bad.

Now we have no home and lost the 8000.

We talking to some lawyers and trying to do something about this.They are horrible people and liars.

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Opelousas, Louisiana, United States #893126

The scariest thing about this post is how low my IQ fell after reading. You are a grown woman, talk like one... This is the problem with Louisiana.


Okay!!You wanted the tax deal , there's also a catch to that too!!

My bro in law had to pay his 8000 back!!!It's all a rip off!!!



Add me please. I need to know how to find a good Lawyer please.

This is too dam much Info

Thibodaux, Louisiana, United States #683668

Wow the exact same thing happened to us...We put a deposit on a home on the lot and they sold it to someone else.We had to wait for a new home to be built.

They tried to do this without telling us that's what was taking so long.

We have had many problems since purchasing this home.


We have been having our home for three years and the workmanship sucks.They have multiple nail holes where there should be one, the molding so not match up, and glue that was suppose to come off is still stained in my floor and wall.

We have also had multiple problems with leaks, when we called for them tonfox it they came out and said that our drain holes wee clogged.

This leak ruined my wall and when ask for them to fix it again and bring a new wall panel they came out and said it was clogged and they forgot my panel.Needless to say the sliding glass door is siliconed shut and it still leaks, I never recorded my panel and " we are not under warranty anymore."


Regardless of what you think of her English, that isn't the issue.So many people are having a problem with this particular MH Dealership across the country.

We've been getting the run-around for 2 months, home was placed but 5 days later still not hooked into the septic, no a/c unit & no porches. We are able to enter the home using a ladder. I see why they haven't put porches up yet.

I guess they really didn't want us in here to see the crappy workmanship on carpet & trim work.I am working on our punch list...so far 2 pages.


Your English is horrible!!!!!

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