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This is not a good thing to invest in.Customer Service is awful, bought brand new and with less than 1yr all appliances have been worked on more than 5 times.

Had to take several days off work lost $1000.00s work wages waiting service calls then no shows. we bought a lemon they use seconds & refurbish to furnish homes. Customer service kissed butt untill we gave a bad score and now they dodge us won't return calls. Very poor customer service.

I don't advise these homes and services to anyone.Stay away from clayton homes!!!!!!!!!

wendy & eric mcgregor

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Spring, Texas, United States #933541

I have been reading all of these comments and I have to say they are all true.Im one of those people that have to find out for myself.

Well try lie about everything! Tell you one price and turns to to be another. We were quoted one price and at closing they are 40 k over. 40THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!

REALLY! We walked away. Save your self some trouble and listen....

Clayton Homes in Splendora,TX are crooks!You've been warned!

Moreno Valley, California, United States #578571

I used to work in a Clayton Homes manufacturing plant out of Perris, CA and I'm not surprised to hear so many complaints about Clayton homes.Working on the line was a nightmare.

We were pushed like *** to get houses done. The quality of the work and final product was secondary to the rate of houses completed. The company would preach about quality being their top priority during meetings, but when the meeting was over and it was time to get back to the speed game. Workers would bring this up to the higher ups, but it fell on deaf ears.

(If i remember correctly.) Independent contractors get the job of installing and servicing these homes. When service complaint come in, customer service doesn't matter. It's just a money game. When those guys come to your houses and take pictures of the problem it's so they can complain to the office for more money.

Then sometimes those make their way back to the worker who gets reprimanded for the lack of quality.Go figure.


We bought a Clayton ehome as a modular and we love it!It is a great house and our local retailer was very honest and up front.

Any money you put down has to be accounted for, and there is NO way they could steal it from you.

There are so many lending laws stemming from the bank failures in the recent past, that consumers are well protected.As with any purchase, look at all your paperwork and be proactive, not a whiner after the fact.


Bought the home new off lot in 2004,4 feet off the ground started getting water at the bottom of my kitchen, living room walls,hmmm .....the very top piece of siding was coming off only because it was glued on nothing else holding it on but glue, had 4 different roof/ciding places come out to tell me Clayton didn't do it right and to only get an insurance check for 1100 dollars and the total was going to be over 5I....now we're dealing with a huge hole in a bedroom in the ceiling which insulation is completely black with mold, still waiting two Weeks for insurance to send us something to fix that which makes our mortgage go up, crock of *** if you ask me, oh and carpets already treating apart at entry into also, almost 58K for a single wide


Its the lots thats the problem not the manufacturer.Call the service at plant directly and you will get issues fixed.

I worked at plant in knoxville tennessee for 5 years. Its the lot thats 99% of problem. They give the run around. The mobile homes are built by state codes and inspected.they do not put furniture in ANY homes.

The lot does. Contact your plant that makes home and issues will get fixed. The lot marks up housea ALOT!!

Bargain them down.Make sure house is OSB wrapper under siding!!!!!


YOU get what you pay for people there is a reason why higher end homes doesnt have these problems!! The next time instead of price shopping how about you look into how these homes are built yourselves and not take the word of a sales rep?!!!!!?



We bought our Clayton home thinking that we could put in on our lot in town.They kept saying no problem.

It was a big problem. You have to sign the papers before they will even order you home. We were stuck with a home we could not use. We had to purchase property somewhere else and then had to take different one because there is not gas on the property.

They did not do the foundation right and our house is coming apart. You cannot even open one of our doors. One of our fireplaces is coming away from the wall. It our cabinets are falling apart.

We have had the dishwasher worked on 3 times. Our carpet we were told by the person who came an fixed it that he could not do it again because the carpet was coming apart.

I do not want anyone to tell me what a good quality of home they make and how great they are.They suck big time and I would really love to SUE!!!!!!!!


Buyers Beware.ask alot of questions.

the only thing they care about is money.when you buy a home it is yours.


also, Clayton does NOT use "seconds and refurbish" to furnish homes.lol I'm not even sure how to respond to something so incorrect.

First of all Clayton does not provide furniture in the homes at all as a general rule. Furniture can sometimes be included as a bonus on a display home purchase. That furniture is new and provided by decorators in most cases when the decorate. Only kitchen appliances are included with most homes and they are BRAND NEW UNDER WARRANTY GE APPLIANCES.

Clayton is not in the "furniture refurbishing" business. Sadly, even if they were it wouldn't matter because CLAYTON DOES NOT SELL FURNITURE.

They sell homes.Plain and simple.

to the truth #813845

Funny, I had new carpet in a home and it was destoryed by mud, dirt and dust by their workers.We agreed to have carpet from elsewhere if we bought it.

They want to take the old carpet and use it in a repo or used home to resale.

The worker from Clayton told me this.no good.

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