Burlington, Kentucky
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My family went to Clayton homes excited about getting are first home and of course they promise the world when you are looking at there homes.We picked are home out and they rushed for there down payment of 6,000 so we paid it.They rushed the closing it was on Feb.2,2011 and moved in Feb.17,2011 thats when it all started my windows some would not open and they all leaked i called them they said they would be out it took 6 months before they finally came out.They checked them silacone the windows replaced the walls but did not install the new ones right when my daughter went to open her door it was stuck so she pushed the whole door caseing fell off and the wall it was nailed to and some of the new walls dont even touch the floor its great let me tell ya and the roof leaks they wont fix it the small bathroom the water dont work the house is not level so know the bottom of the walls are busting out and the back door aint in right so it pops open all the time a little scary the first time it happen alone with 2 little ones at night by my self. One of the best ones is the electric 2 of my plugs have caught fire.

Then the best for last at my closing they gave me a first time home buyers paper singed by there manager and when i took it to my tax people they couldn figure out why they gave me that because that program had been over for 6 months Clayton had promised i would get 4,500 back another one of there lies.And for the ones that dont know yet Vanderbelt is just as bad. Clayton owns them so i shouldn have to say anything else im sure u get the pitcher.

Monetary Loss: $39.

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