I was looking at all the people here Clayton Homes ripped off. They tried to do it to me as well. My full Clayton Homes nightmare is descibed at: www.manufacturedhomebuyers.com/clayton%20ordeal.htm

The first top of the line Clayton they brought out was so damaged they had to bring out a second home. They bent the frame terribly on the 1st home because the setup crew didn't know what they were doing, and then they tried to HIDE the damage.

There was missing insulation, a leaking roof (on BOTH the homes they delivered to me), MANY broken studs in the walls, and much more wrong. The setup crew put the support piers in the wrong place because they reversed the engineering diagram.

The sad truth is Clayton and the other manufactured home companies commonly use deceptive practices to sell these homes and they frequently cheat consumers and use predatory lending practices. They often use substandard materials, and salespeople often purposely misrepresent the product.

If you do manage to get the home you want, the setup crew can often ruin it or set it up in a way that greatly affects the useful life of the home. Furthermore, every study done on MH consumers show that warranty service is disastrous. 1/3 of people can't get any warranty service, and 1/3 of any manufacturer repairs are simply ineffective. Many homeowners end up having to fix their homes themselves, or live with the defects.

I was so impacted that I wrote a book on the subject: "The Manufactured Home Buyer's Handbook." You can read about it at www.manufacturedhomebuyers.com . My premise is that you can get a good manufactured home, but you really have to bust your tail to do it right. YOU have to learn about the construction, and you have to get what you want in writing. Don't believe anything that isn't in writing, and then verify they give you what you pay for. When you go to a lot to look at homes and a salesman tells you the construction is 2" x 4" and 16" on center, nod politely but pull your stud finder and tape measure out of your pocket and see for yourself!

You also have to supervise the setup process. Educate yourself, and be present when the home is assembled. There are other advantages to this - in multisection homes, you can peer in the roof cavity and see many of the studs in the home. This is your one chance to do this. Chances are, you will be shocked with what you find. Measure your roof insulation, and if it isn't as deep as what you paid for you can force them to fix it before its too late.

Don't let them cheat you. A home is the biggest investment most of us will ever make. Manufactured home companies have literally ruined many peoples lives. Do your homework and you can beat them at their own game.

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I can't help but notice that many of your comments are in regards to the set-up. That is totally different than the home construction.

I sell Clayton homes and have had nothing but positive feedback from my customers. It sounds to me that people are using transporting or set-up companies who don't know what they are doing. A lot of damage can be done to a home during those times. Be sure to hire a general contractor and transport/set-up company who has lots of experience and get referrals.

Don't always go with the cheapest bid! Cutting corners and trying to save money that way often times will cost you more in the end.

I think it's just as important to go through a dealer who is honest and also knows the product and procedures for both facory construction and site construction. Sorry that you all had such terrible experiences :-(

to Rose with Preferred Homes, Gra West Monroe, Louisiana, United States #826163

most of the complaints I see on here are dealership and installation related and not the home itself


just found this today as my house sits on a lot failing many inspections i wonder what will i do about this and how can i win this sadly i payed cash still have the last 10% to pay. i have tosed 1 inspector off my property 2X now i have a good one he will not let them git away with anything! it has come down to the point whare the inspector is charging $300 to make a visiteven he tells me it's a lemmen it's on my land but havent taken onership yet and i will not till thay do everthing i want done with it!

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