Columbia, South Carolina

Our original home burned down in April. We went to several house dealers.

We have a larger home now with more space, a 12-pitch roof and the walls are dry wall.

Some of the things that needed doing, do take time to have it done right. At one time in my life, not only was my mom an interior designer but I followed in her footsteps. My kitchen is gorgeous, the floors (no carpet here) are linoleum but look like wood throughout.

The master bath was wonderful planning. We need a few more things on the walls, but that's on us. I wish I was able to post all the photos. We have a wrap around porch.

We are using the sunroom as a guest room. The atrium doors rather than French doors or sliding doors are fantastic.

I've started to do some landscaping. Clayton Homes of Cayce, SC know what customer service is.

Product or Service Mentioned: Clayton Homes House Construction.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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This is a complaint website. It is not for free advertising or apple polishing.

( . I'm glad you're happy but you're on the wrong website. We only care if you were used, abused, overcharged, underwhelmed, etc.

and would like to know what you did about it. Your post is for one of those Mary Sunshine websites.


Nice home...


The finishing touches have been made by the Dealer's professionals.I hope our last piece of the completion will be July 5th. (4th service person).

My home office is complete, our kitchen is complete and wonderful, our bedroom and 2 bathrooms are complete. We use the porch entrance as our front door. We are trying to find someone who can put a ramp for wheel chair or walker onto the actual house front. My husband's office still has a bookcase to be assembled.

He assembled mine. Porch sun room: I've decorated it as another guest room and is complete except for a stained glass piece that needs to be hung over the west windows. Dining room still needs chairs. Living room is complete.

The pantry we bought since there wasn't room for anything to put cookware and plates, etc. has been a boon. The fan/light fixture - fan stopped working but my husband is still working on it. I've created some lovely flower beds.

The faux brick in the kitchen over the stove has gotten so many compliments as has the linoleum flooring that looks like wood.

Recomendation for Clayton: How about in one of the 2 bedrooms (our home offices) build in shelves; finish out the closets so I don't cut my hands constantly. Figure out how to patch the linoleum flooring as the few that were made during our move-in and repairs being made...that service individual knew nothing and tried to do it.

We just need to remember where we put things.

:) Cayce of Columbia has been a darned good dealer. I get my exercise walking from one end to the other.

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