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Purchased 5 homes that fell apart within 6 months and want a refund.We are a small school district in a rural area in the middle of the country. We purchased from a local retailer who said it was manufactured defects and they are not responsible.

All the homes fell apart the same way in less than 6 months. We are looking for people who took Clayton to court and won. We are a very small poor school district and use these home for housing for our teachers.

If anyone took the legal steps to bring them to court. We want to know how Clayton responds to civil lawsuits.

Product or Service Mentioned: Clayton Homes Mobile Home.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $250000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I’m in. Please contact me at mistyd1974@gmail.com


If there is anyone planning on taking them to court please include me. My email is latisha.potts@yahoo.com. I'm looking into my options now and will include you all if one has not be started before then


I am thinking to take Clayton Homes to the court . Please let me know if you have advise for me or need my support.


Please contact me. Our home burned a California wildfire in 2016.

We moved into our Clayton home in March of 2018. Nothing but problems.

Having the rolled vinyl replaced with something better, so they say, because nails or debris is coming up through the vinyl. Very cheaply built.


I am also interested in a class action law suit. Deceptive sales tactics, hidden costs, lies in writing and a lot more. My email is mrs.minnick@hotmail.com

to Candace #1580009

If you want to go against Clayton Homes, I am with you. I am having the same problem as you had. My email address is - sanimshafi@aol.com


These people are nothing but crooks. Been waiting 7 months and still not moved in yet.

After final inspection they decided to raise the price from the original signed quote more than $10,000 dollars! Won't show me actual invoices or receipts.

Contacting a lawyer tomorrow. Is there a class action lawsuits underway?

to Alan White #1503169

Did you have any luck with the lawyer? I am having a lot of issues with the sales center in Lakeland, FL.

Vanderbilt told us that Clayton would pay the closing costs, I have in an email the price of the modular home and that tax was not included. I then go over the sale worksheet which did not include an itemized breakdown and realize the numbers are not adding up to the budget that had been discussed multiple times. I finally got a breakdown (still not accurate) and come to find out, they added $8,600 to the sale price of the home that was hidden. I am now paying the closing costs when the loan clearly states the builder (Clayton) pays the closing costs.

They also took out an impact fee that was too be paid and in the budget so they could put their closing costs in without it being noticed. Well, I noticed!

to Candace #1580478

Same thing happened to me , I have very clear agreement with Clayton Homes at Dalton. They want me to apply mortgage at Vanderbilt.

After mortgage is approved, Clayton Homes changed the figure but I don’t have any choice to back down.

I accepted & ready for closing but they are not talking to me now. I am thinking to hire a lawyer for wasting all my time & money for nothing.


Interested in the civil lawsuit. Contact me @ shesteely@gmail.com

to Dupedin2016 #1435638

Hi my name is Danielle. My Clayton mobile home has recalls along with several other huge issues.

I have contacted the mobile home department in Washington. We are interested in joining a suit again Clayton homes

Please contact me at


Thank you

to Danielle #1527355

My dealing with Clayton Homes in Lacey WA, has been so stressful! We put money down on a home last October and the sales manager said the price was locked in for a year.

He also told us that when we found a lot that they would purchas the it and have it prepped. Once the house was finished we would have a one time close. Well in February he tried to say the price of the house went up $8000. I told him no we are locked in for a year.

Well we finally found a lot, they had a contractor do a bid or so we thought. We had 60 days to close. A week before we finally got a written estimate. Clay said we would need to ask for another 45 days so they could get the appraisal and everything from corporate.

3 days after the sellers agreed Clayton Homes said they no longer were going to do the one time close!

Now we would need to come up 3.5% down and get a construction loan. Oh and there is so, so much more!!!


If you do a class lawsuit I want to know as well. I am in Upstate NY.


Please contact me at


I'm having a lot of issues with Clayton myself

to Anonymous #1436566

I have a lawsuit and a lawyer in NC against Clayton Homes. Been the worse decision I ever made deal eith them. If anyone is interested you can contact my attorney to see if he can help you.

to Anonymous #1439518

I am interested in speaking with your attorney. However, I am located in OK. Will your attorney still help me?

to ladeemacklin #1566141

Plase ask him or her to call me i live in TN they tryed to bully us into buying we backed out thank GOD and my son got bad hurt on there land and one of the guys came in my home and told us ro get out move so we did the tryed to make us lie to inspector its bad

to ladeemacklin #1575112

I am in OK also and am having floor problems with a year old home. Have you gotten a lawyer yet

to Anonymous #1577209

I'm in Conover NC I need the name of a lawyer against Clayton Homes. Been waiting 4 months to get in home after paying cash for home. Can't get keys or title from them

to Anonymous #1580015

I like to join badly but, I am in Georgia. I was cheated by Clayton Homes sales at Dalton, GA.

Please email me if your attorney can help in Georgia. Sanimshafi@aol.com

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