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Purchased 5 homes that fell apart within 6 months and want a refund.We are a small school district in a rural area in the middle of the country. We purchased from a local retailer who said it was manufactured defects and they are not responsible.

All the homes fell apart the same way in less than 6 months. We are looking for people who took Clayton to court and won. We are a very small poor school district and use these home for housing for our teachers.

If anyone took the legal steps to bring them to court. We want to know how Clayton responds to civil lawsuits.

Product or Service Mentioned: Clayton Homes Mobile Home.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $250000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I’m in on a class action and looking for an attorney in Brunswick County, NC if anyone has any information please contact me Beachbum0423@aol.com Defective floors, defective shower/tile- water leak and damage under sinks. House not put on the lot in the right spot...

list goes on and on .Been waiting 4 months for repairs. Have a case number with corporate not really a big help ...


I am trying to sue now and talking with lawyer. Homes purchased in Cleveland, Tn and property located in Murphy, NC. I can be reached at (985) 445-6746


I purchased my home in Cleveland and I live in Murphy as well. I received horrible customer service.

Lies and half truths from sales people, poor communication from sales person, no site manager at my site so many things were done poorly or left undone.

Manager left half way through process so sales person was running wild. 828-332-1984


I’m in. Soft spongey floors since we moved in. I can be reached at(281) 808-0471 or paperwork4bills@yahoo.com


Any updates? Looks like all are having issues!!


Add us to the angry customers with a “lemon” for a house. I’ve got all my documentation and ready to get this POS paid for or fixed. Joshua.isley2011@yahoo.com


Bought single wide we have leaks in the roof, the house moved in the wind, my vinyl is the kitchen and master bath lifts up with the wind. Our main fuse box was wired wrong from day one we had to fix it, I have nail/screw heads coming through my kitchen vinyl , we had to rip up the laundry vinyl to hit down nail poking up, the insurance (home first) won’t cover any thing, they say we didn’t do the yearly roof maintenance.

Water leaks into the light in the last bedroom -they said to not use it when there is water in. It’s crazy.


Not sure why the name changed But I posted this Heather G. (Elatedcspybara)-????


has anything happened with anyone on here we just got our home and it has been a joke from the word go ! we are looking for a suit as well .


Email goodnessgraciouscustomdesigns@gmail.com


If a class action suit is going to be filed, I would love information as well. We bought a 4 bed modular.

From the very beginning was issues. Long delay in having it built. Once built and brought to sale's office, flooring of both types were wrong. They poured the footers and placed home in the wrong location to save from not having to move septic.

Was bullied and threatened they would not move it and if they did it would be to be taken apart, removed and our contract rescinded. This would turn into a long novel if I started in on all the issues inside. The roof just leaked down a light fixture above the bar last week. Plumbing pipes not even connected.

40+ gallons flooded into laundry room, master bath and kitchen. PVC pipe just sitting inside the wall not connected. Had the purple glue on the ends, just apparently too much effort to connect it. It's endless...

we have EVERYTHING documented, pics taken, phone conversations recorded along with face to face meetings.

Corporate has failed. Looking for an attorney now in Knoxville, TN.


I purchased a Clayton and have had electrical problems (and many more) since the day we moved in. The warranty expired in July 2018, but the issues have been ongoing.

We are senior citizens with children in the home. There are no lights in the kitchen and we fear a fire.

You can contact me if I can be of help.... lfree1121@comcast.net


I’m in. Please contact me at mistyd1974@gmail.com


If there is anyone planning on taking them to court please include me. My email is latisha.potts@yahoo.com. I'm looking into my options now and will include you all if one has not be started before then


I am thinking to take Clayton Homes to the court . Please let me know if you have advise for me or need my support.

@Mizanur Shafi

All we need to do is meet at Local Court house where the Clayton homes our an we can line up an file law suites for no cost .


I would most definitely be in!!! Clayton is horrible and so is their finished products!!!

Has been a disaster !!! shelleykicklighter@yahoo.com


Please contact me. Our home burned a California wildfire in 2016.

We moved into our Clayton home in March of 2018. Nothing but problems.

Having the rolled vinyl replaced with something better, so they say, because nails or debris is coming up through the vinyl. Very cheaply built.


I am also interested in a class action law suit. Deceptive sales tactics, hidden costs, lies in writing and a lot more. My email is mrs.minnick@hotmail.com


If you want to go against Clayton Homes, I am with you. I am having the same problem as you had. My email address is - sanimshafi@aol.com

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