we brought a home from claton in June of 2007. which our home is new we have noithing but problems with them.

our lasted problems are with our windows having MOLD in them, even down to the 2 x4 in the window seals. they have no problem telling me that mold will not hurt you. so i had to get a laywer invold on this. they will not work with us on getting the problems fixed.

and know it is in the master bath. clayton needs to just give us a new home so we will not have these problems any more.

Location: Columbia, South Carolina

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We were lied to by the salesman, sales manager AND the factory about every aspect in the puchase of this Clayton home. We need to refinance this house because we just lost 1/3 of our income, but Clayton placed us in a loan that's impossible to refinance! Shame, shame, Clayton, for cheating us!!!


I also have problems with claytons if I had to do it over I would just get me a house built they are terriable built


i understand totally, it currently what i am dealing with.

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