Crest sold a "special house" to Romaine Bergh. Bergh's crew, led by his son, James, were not knowledgable or skilled workers.

The house was set-up wrong, and under HUD'S "Required Minimum Standards". The back wall was leaning and was not level. The house was set almost on the ground. Violations were imposed in June 2009, addressed to Mike Moyer, Crest Homes, and James Bergh, then with Bergh Contractors to correct the problem.

That would be impossible because the house was not built high enough. Last year was the worst yet. All the door jambs are off and the front door froze shut. We have to open the door with a screwdriver!

The dishwasher can no longer be used, as the door leans back onto the coil and burned the inside! We are seniors. We owe almost $200,000.00 for the next 18 years, but the house won't be with us. According to RESPA, HUD Manufactured mortgages cannot proceed unless the construction "meets or exceeds" standards.

Ours didn't. Oh yes, there is a signed piece of paper. The ultimate responsibility for the decision of the mortgage lies with the Lender, Wells Fargo, and the appraiser, who was told what houses to use and for how much money to charge. Yes, I have all my original mortgage paperwork.

I have complained and reported for 11 years. Wells Fargo could care less, even though they initiated the mortgage before we met Romaine Bergh. We gave Bergh $25,000.00 extra, for upgrades! What a joke!

Romaine, and Jim Bergh, along with Mike Moyer of Crest, have refused to comply with the law, complete broke laws with selling this piece-meal box. From what Crest Headquarters customer service told me last month, "What do you want us to do, it's 12 years old". So, why does our government allow 30-year mortgage's on a house the manufacture does care how long it lasts? I bought a car in 2004.

It is still running with over 250,000 miles. But a house, a 30-year "investment"? I want to petition the Courts to stop the freedom of blatant fraud between manufacturers and thugs. I just thought that Romaine would be a man and do the right thing.

But he isn't and won't. I am old. I am tired. My husband feels the same way.

We just want what we paid for. I thought Crest would feel the same but they don't either. Now, I find out, I am not the only victim of Romaine, Jimmy, and Mike Moyer; there are others. All protected by the Manufacturers of mobile and modular homes.

Crest "SAYS" their houses last 35-50 years! Yet no concern at 12 years. I am learned more and more each day about what is transpiring in that industry, where the public is defenseless to these rules and regulations.

I just wanted a decent house to finish my life journey. Since I can't have that, I can't rest in peace and enjoy my last years, neither will they!

Product or Service Mentioned: Clayton Homes Mobile Home.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Eau Claire, Wisconsin

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