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very disatified with the service of the subcontractors that claytons gives their work to:

I am very dissatisfied with the subcontractors that work for clayton homes. They do not finish jobs in a timely matter, I've had to call repeatedly and have been told several times it will be tomorrow or the next day, but they never show up or they call and say next week if the weather is good. #1 movers get home stuck and ask me if I can get someone to get them out.#2 service man has not finished repairs inside home nor has not called.#3 ac man did not have unit in timely matter.#4 underpinning still not done,have been put off repeatedly. I have had this home for a month now and things are still not finished.

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I know exactly what you mean. We purchased our home over a month ago.

I was told at closing that we would be ready to move in it in about 3 weeks. It is going on almost 2 months, and the lot isn't finished, the septic is jacked up, and the trailer isn't even on the property. I call and talk to the office manager at Clayton's in Hixson, TN and all I get is well the weather has us pushed off, or you know how the red tape issues go.

We did a walk through on the trailer yesterday sitting at clayton homes and well the counter top was falling apart in the kitchen, and the roofing was damaged. I have had enough of these people!

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