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Update by user Sep 17, 2018

Update as of September 17, 2018: As of today none of the issues have been fixed or resolved. I was contacted in April soon after posting my initial review and a repairman came out to assess all of the issues listed.

He told me that it would take a few weeks to schedule the repairs and that I would be contacted soon. I never heard anything back from the repairman or anyone at Clayton Homes. Even after contacting the repairman in late August to check the status of scheduling the repairs, my phone calls were not returned and I never heard back from them. We are fortunate in that buying a Clayton home was temporary while our Dream Home was being built.

However for the millions of people who have purchased these homes as their permanent dwelling I cannot express how upsetting it is to know that this is what they have to put up with.

I understand that a "trailer" is not a stick-built home but would have jumped at the opportunity to upgrade to decent cabinets and doors at a minimum. Building and selling sub-quality homes is not only wrong but it's extremely unfair to the consumer.

Original review posted by user Apr 02, 2018

We purchased the 3 bedroom, 2 bath Breeze model brand new 3yrs ago. Both bathroom door knobs broke in the second year.

Cannot close or lock either door. 2 out of 3 bedroom door knobs are broken. Began when the door *** locks wouldn't unlock and we had to remove entire door *** to free my daughter from her bedroom. Toilets in both bathrooms don't work well and often get stopped up.

Have to use plunger several times a month. Cabinet doors are made of partical board and the surface has rubbed off around handles. 3 cabinet doors have fallen off. Contacted Clayton Homes in Rocky Mount where home was purchased and they gave me their repairman's number but I never heard back from him even after leaving several messages.

Master bedroom closet shelves fell down and we had to rebuild it by installing new sturdier bar to hang clothes on. Washing machine water pipes in the wall came apart without us knowing it. When we filed a claim with the warranty company it was denied because they said water leaks weren't covered even though pipe came apart inside the wall. My husband and I are very fortunate because we bought this home as a temporary dwelling while our new home is being built.

We only have about 3 more months until we can finally move into the new stick built home. It has been helpful living on site through the process but if we had it to do again, we would not recommend Clayton Homes to anyone. I know that none of the issues we've had will be fixed without us spending quite a bit on repairs. My recommendation instead is to save your money and purchase an existing home or go with a builder like Red Door homes, America's Home place, or other contractor.

I'm sure none of them are perfect either, but the quality is better and the cost isn't that much more . Our new home is being built by Red Door homes and so far we've had a wonderful experience.

Do your research and explore your options. You'll thank yourself in the end.

Product or Service Mentioned: Clayton Homes The Breeze Mobile Home.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Clayton Homes Pros: Floor plans of homes on clayton sales lots, Layout.

Clayton Homes Cons: Warranty not honored, Poor quality, Lack of follow up.

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I too need help, fighting for the first two years and watching my home fall apart with multiply lies from Clayton of Abilene Texas. AC/ Heat, broke 3 months after buying and run around plus wanting over 200.

But under warranty. Windows leak, electrical problems, sinks, showers leak. All ceiling fan lights stopped working. All molding fell off walls counter tops cracked and was glued at factory and placed in, lies about even shelves in cabinets.

Black mold started 1 yr after I bought, in around front door and back door leaking with pressed paper covered in a plastic wood grain. Outside planels coming apart and cheap seal coming apart. Had black mold under leaking shower and leaking kitchen sink. Please help.

Was to be a retirement home and is nothing but a nightmare with payments. Fed up and ready to walk away, but willing to speak to an attorney in a class action suit.

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