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My Boyfriend and I decided to choose Luv Homes in Alexander, Arkansas, and boy was that a huge mistake. I have never been so ignored about issues that are so out of our control.

For the amount of money that we spent on this home we could have built a wood frame home. I'm so disapointed, clayton homes say they build a quility home that could not futher from the truth. Our floor covering in the kitchen and dinning area had to be replaced, so they sent someone to do so I was very respectful of everything they had to do. They had to take my island out to do this which I had no problem with, but when they put it back they buckled the trim that goes around the bar and carpet is tearing in the walk way into the den.

And now their is another hole in the floor covering again because they didn't clean good enough before laying the new floor down. And plus I've had the sink in the have rust spots in and its happened 3 times. Oh but they say quility???? My guest bathroom had cuts in the floor so they said we can fix it, yeah right.

So they tried to seam it what does that mean when I think seam I think sewing so their seam job didn't work. And to go along with that a piece of trim fell off of one of the cabnets in the guest bathroom and put another hole in the floor. So when I finally get to talk to a man at clayton homes he was very disrespectful to me and talk down to me and basicly called me a liar. When I got off the phone with him I was in tears.

I'm a 47 year old woman and no man is going to talk to me like that. A company is supost to care about their customers I just don't understand. I'm very unhappy with the purchase we made, if we had to do it all over again We would had never bought our home from Luv Homes in Alexander, Arkansas a Clayton Homes carrier....

Travis Foster and Gina George from Lonsdale, Arkansas.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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I am sorry, "atleast" you aren't the only person in this situation, but I guess that's worse than just 1 person having issues.

I've said in other comments, I read about the horror stories people had before someone I know bought a Clayton home. I figured eh they're just picky, they're stretching the truth or it's just a small amount of people.

Wellllll, I was wrong, I'm having issues people would think I'm lying if I told them everything.

Do your best with what you have and don't stress it, getting upset won't change anything. Try to turn the situation around, goodluck

Was thinking about Clayton homes you have helped me make up my mind. ty. :upset

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