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ClNayton homes has many varied and creative ways to separate you from your money. Too bad they couldnt use a small fraction of that creative energy to make a quality product.

It was a comedy of errors and incompetence and while Clayton Homes was laughing all the way to the bank we werent amused.

While the appearance looks quality in reality its like Toy Story 2 (the movie) toy store owner/villain who dressed up in a chicken suit: Cheap! Cheap! Cheap! We like the end result however the buying experience was absolutely miserable.

We gave them a large amount of money to start the project and that was supposed to include a visit to the factory to see the work in progress on our new home.

We were instructed to call a number and arrange a time we could visit. We called and called and left message after message and no one every returned our calls. After a couple of months of that we wondered if they had taken our money and went to Vegas to party. When the structure finally arrived almost four months later it was a mess.

We couldnt move in for some time because there was so much wrong with it in the first place and a lot of damage in transit. Almost every wall had to have the sheetrock replaced. Doors were in the wrong place and the wrong color. One wall was so out of plumb (leaning) and had to be completely rebuilt.

Just a few of the many problems we encountered:

Cheap door hardware.

Door knobs, while they looked nice were so flimsy they literally pulled off of the door with very little effort.

Cheap flooring.

Not only that but it was a bait and switch: We were shown a reasonably good quality flooring when we bought the place but when the order arrived it was very poor quality. The flooring installer with 20+ years experience said he had never seen such poor quality flooring. All of the linoleum will have to be replaced in a year or two. Of course Clayton homes refused to provide the flooring quality they sold us or refund some of the money we paid them.

Cheap toilet

Brand new toilet we paid $200.00 to upgrade to a handicapped ADA compliant type for the elderly father-in-law had to be replaced in less than a year because it plugged up and couldnt be cleared.

They used the cheapest toilet they could find and it is now at the dump.

Cheap plumbing.

We had sewer gas smells because of a defective vent. They used a cheater vent because they were too cheap to install the correct venting. The water pressure inside the home is very low which probably means theres a kinked pipe or partially closed valve because the water pressure outside of the home is fine. Everything is covered up with insulation so its nearly impossible to determine where the restriction is.

Cheap plumbing (2)

And even though this place has two water heaters it takes almost five (5) minutes for the hot water to reach some of the faucets.

I can solve some of this with point of use tankless water heaters but why should I be the one doing the engineering here? Thats what we paid Clayton Homes to do.

Cheap furnace.

Furnace didnt even come with a furnace filter or even a place to put the filter so I had to modify the furnace access door so we could have a furnace filter. We paid a huge sum of money for this home and didnt even get a furnace filter.

Cheap (and dangerous) fireplace.

The glass door on the fireplace blew up. And I mean literally blew up.

My wife and I were going to bed one night and we heard what sounded like a bomb go off in the living room. I went out to check and found bits of hot glass everywhere burning holes in the carpet. The force of the blast was so great it even bent the metal glass frame. Thankfully no one was nearby when it happened or there could have been some serious injuries.

There was no warning notices about this on the fireplace or in the fireplace instruction sheets either.

And why would anybody in their right mind install something anywhere that they knew would have the potential of failing catastrophically?

We did some research and found out that there is a ceramic glass that is made for and can take the heat from the fireplace but Clayton homes used much cheaper tempered glass. And then they offered to replace the broken glass with the same thing! Thats not just dumbIts insane! Talk about doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Also the fireplace was supposed to have an outside intake air vent but we found that we cannot run the furnace while theres a fire in the fireplace because the furnace sucks the smoke out of the fireplace and blows it though the ducting.

We were awakened several times when the smoke alarm went off because the furnace went on while there was a fire in the fireplace.

I make computer control systems and am making a system that will detect smoke coming out of the fireplace and start a blower to introduce outside air so as the raise the interior air pressure of the home slightly to push the smoke out of the fireplace chimney. But again why should I have to re-engineer the ventilation and plumbing systems?

In summary: Do you want to have one of the most stressful periods in your life and get ripped off as well?

Buy a Clayton Home. While the home is a nice design we cannot recommend them in any way, shape or form.

User's recommendation: Don't buy Clayton Homes.

Location: The Dalles, Oregon

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